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8 Common Website Mistakes

by Jerrin Zechariah 5 years ago

1. No clear calls-to-action

The goal of a page should be evident to any visitor. What action do you want the visitor to take on your page? Even if the answer is “I want them to visit my store,” make it easy for them. Add a “Visit Our Store” button.

2. Lack of proper content

Sometimes clients tend to have a disproportionate amount of content aimed at driving a purchase, but not enough for awareness, consideration, and retention. Retention is a big deal. It is easier to upsell and cross-sell current customers than bring in new.

Below are some examples of contents.

Awareness: Blog posts, e-books, etc

Consideration: Product comparisons, case studies.

Purchase: Product pages, trial offers.

Retention: Blog posts, newsletters, social media.

3. Testimonials

There are so many pages dedicated to testimonials out there on the websites. But no one trusts a testimonials page over reviews on third-party sites like Yelp, Google My Business, or Tripadvisor. The best way to place a testimonial is to put it on the appropriate page. If it’s a testimonial about how fast a customer received their product, use that on a shipping/contact page. If it is a testimonial about how a product/service helped them, use it on that product/service page. Testimonials will help you improve your local search as well.

4. Locally Relevant Content

If location is critical to your business, you should not only use testimonials to boost your local relevance but your content in general. Having your sales team note down some of the common questions they get asked and answering them in your content can help in improving local relevance and gaining loyal customers.

5. Pricing Details

Many companies do not want to list pricing on their website. The problem with hiding pricing information altogether is that people are mostly searching for pricing. It’s a big missed opportunity not to have any pricing details, and it sometimes annoys prospective leads who would rather know your price range before giving you a call.

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