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by Penta Tech Blogger 7 years ago

It is a widely accepted fact that to be successful in business today a company needs a functional email system. The traditional way of obtaining this is to buy a server and install an email program like Microsoft Exchange on it. Although this works in terms of functionality, it is a crude solution which requires you to expend a lot of resources for very standard results. These expenditures include the initial server purchase, software licenses, backup costs, and your own firewall protection. Not to mention the setup and maintenance time involved!

Fortunately, there is now a better way for businesses to gain email access.

Cloud based email services like Google Apps for Work and Office 365 not only offer a variety of added to tools to your business email experience but do this at what could in the long term be a lower cost than traditional email services. Both the Google and Office cloud email options require zero hardware purchasing on your side, and yet allow your emails to be hosted on world class hardware. There are usually no additional software licenses to be purchased either, and you can still host your emails on your own business domain name.

Where cloud based email alternatives really shine is that they are fully internet based, which enables them to be used from any device anywhere so long as there is an internet connection. An example of a time when this might be handy is if one of your staff is abroad and needs to communicate with clients using the company email.

Finally, cloud based email hosting saves your valuable time by being a hassle free solution. When you choose to host on the Cloud all the time that would have been spent researching and acquiring hardware, maintaining it, doing systems checks, taking backups, setting up spam filters and monitoring firewalls can now instead be spent on building your business. By letting somebody else take care of your technology you are giving yourself more time to invest in your business’ growth.

The top cloud email providers available today are Google Apps for Work and Office 365, both of which provide a premium easy to use service with many useful business tools built in. Pentagon is a proud partner of both providers and can set you up with either one. We have ample experience providing smooth email transitions or new email creations on the cloud and can give you invaluable advice on which options will best suit your needs. So whether you’re already in business or looking to start, give us a call today to discuss how technology can best support your business email needs.

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