Do You Think Your Website 100% Secure.?

by Maria R 4 years ago

‘Prevention is better than cure’, ‘Better safe than sorry’ and so on are some of those few quotes we hear on a daily basis. From our childhood till this age, we are well versed with these words and we do realize its importance in today’s world. Considering the theme website and web application, security is the need of the hour. But automated vulnerability scanners aren’t the perfect solution for enabling security. Why? Because it is just one of the tools used for security purposes. On a humorous note, if automated vulnerability scanners were one of the finest choices, then our beloved hackers and security personnel would remain jobless.

For any firm, the web application is that segment that is the most prone to cyber security attacks. IT sectors always have this threat as it handles the essential credentials of customers, owners, sellers, suppliers and so on which requires added security.

Two options are put forth to organizations regarding website and web application security audits.

The first one is an automated tool that can be both a boon and a bane. These tools make the work lighter in finding out the threats. On the other hand, it can give false positives by considering things harmful which aren’t. Also, since it is not a human brain behind the process, the real threats would not be identified.

Automated tool vs Ethical Hacker

The second one is giving the job to intelligent and trustworthy security experts. Is know as white hat ethical hacker.

What an ethical hacker does ?

  1. Imitating the hacker’s way of getting into your website.
  2. Perform a realistic attack on your website and application.
  3. Sort the attacks according to their intensities as high, medium and low.
  4. Make out whether the threats are fake or real.
  5. For the icing on the cake, some engineers will be assigned to look out for threats arising for your website and application.

For brilliant hackers and wide scale attacks, automated scans are just a piece of cake. A bit of everything works wonders. A blended combination of both manual and automated tools brings about the magic of securing your website and web application. Clever experts can find flaws in the server, design, programming or any other phase of the software development.

Professionals can imitate the outlook of hackers and can easily identify all possibilities of an attack. Website security audits can help companies work in an atmosphere free from vulnerabilities.

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