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Document Management with Microsoft SharePoint

by Nizam P 2 years ago

As we all know, every year technologies gets better and better and it leads to more data to be managed by employees and managers. So the need of document management growing and cloud storage becomes an important part of an organization. The term management implies how the document created, reviewed and published, and how the document deleted and restored. These activities are controlled from the top of the organization.

Microsoft SharePoint

One of the popular solutions for secure cloud document manager is SharePoint Document Manager. The employees can work on the same document at the same time is the main advantage of SharePoint. You can store as many documents you want depending on the plan and you can access this document whenever you want depending on the management of this document.

Upload Document

You can easily upload multiple documents by just drag and drop or by clicking upload button.

Update the Property of a document

You can easily change the document owner, status, category and tags. Get the notification by adding the people in notify field.

Easy filter/sort/search

You can easily search and filter any document under any categories.

Problems if you don’t have a document management tool

Studies found if you don’t have a document management system in your organization then 7.5% of documents get lost, 3% of documents are wrongly arranged and 50% of time spent on finding a document. So Document Management System is most important tool of an organization. The SharePoint contains workflows that are pre-defined that automate to move documents in certain areas so that employees don’t have to worry about the filing or the movement of the documents.


There is no reason for not using SharePoint Document Manager. The future is the data and its management and the documents become in the cloud so the way to manage these data is a biggest need right now. These Document Management systems are very essential for any business or organizations.

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