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Design a website that showcases a unique and advanced fashion concepts and brands was a challenge yet superior for techies at Pentagon. Emiraj chose us to design a stunning site that attracts youngsters and we did it with all engaging features that includes different styles of fashion that comes under unique and young concepts. The site is compatible for all devices and professional in the entire fashion nice.

About Emiraj

Emiraj is the retail division of Daemaar Group, a reputed construction and contracting establishment. Emiraj was founded in 2015 with its retail focusing on cosmetics, fitness, Fashion & apparel brands, lifestyle brands etc. With a global outlook and ideas, the retail division of Daemaar Group equips with the latest trends in fashion industry that is unique for the youngsters. Emiraj has been even successful in satisfying the customers in the fast-growing and advancing fashion world.

Please visit the Website @ www.emirajco.com

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