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Say goodbye to all your grocery shopping stress with Groc – UAE’s best online grocery store. Now save more with Groc, Get guaranteed lowest prices on all your grocery shopping. Shop anytime, anywhere from a vast range of groceries at the best prices. Shop online from Groc Assured Quality and Super Savings, Goods get delivered at your doorstep! Groc app aims to cover almost all of your household needs.

Groc App For Grocery Shopping | Pentagon Information Technology

Groc App from Pentagon

Presenting Pentagon’s Groc App that is here to help the customers with grocery shopping needs. Now the customers can order instantly from their nearest Baqala without any delivery charges.

The Groc App is a dedicated grocery shopping app launched this year. As small businesses or stores have lost their business due to the widespread pandemic, we needed to help them with the best solution. The app focuses on assisting the small grocery shops or ‘baqalas’ in taking their business online.

Because of the pandemic, the digital trend has become more famous among the brands. Therefore, we have given them the solution in the form of an app that bridges the gap between customers and small grocery shops.

Groc App Features

Being one of the best grocery shopping apps in the UAE, it makes your life easier. Discovering great features is just a step away.

Wide Range of Products

Wide range of grocery products to choose from that include fresh fruits and vegetables—a vast collection of products available online from your nearby small grocery shops.


Budget Friendly Purchase

Buy products at low prices and great offers using the app. You also get discounts, bundle packs, and promotional offers to pick from your favorite products. Enjoy limited period offers as well.


Quality Products

The products available on the app are of assured quality. Most of the fruits, vegetables, and other grocery items are freshly picked from the farmers. They are made available to the customers newly packed.


Cash On Delivery

Customers get the option of faster checkout that is 100% secure for transactions. Pay by using net-banking, credit cards, debit cards, or e-wallets as per your choice.


Earn Free Credits

Shop from the nearest grocery shops and earn free credits. When you register into the app, earn a coupon code; redeem it to avail the best offers for grocery items.


Easy to Use Interface

A professional mobile app for your grocery shop that helps in connecting with customers. It helps in growing and maintaining an online grocery business.


Faster and No Cost Delivery

With faster and no cost delivery, the grocery shopping app bridges the gap between customers and shops. It helps small businesses to stay active with the online retail community.


Special Loyalty Programs

The mobile app is easy to use and manage for small grocery shops. The app contains different categories for helping customers in ordering their items. The app offers special loyalty programs.

Grocery Shops to Online | Groc App by Pentagon

Why Does Your Grocery Store Need To Be Online?

Since the widespread pandemic, people prefer online stores for buying groceries and other products. The digital trend of serving customers via online ordering and faster deliveries is the best way. However, the small businesses have incurred losses as customers have stopped to shop from the nearest grocery shops.

The grocery stores need to find new techniques to sustain their business. Getting your grocery store online is the best way to tackle the changes.

Are you losing out to your customers?

Because of the pandemic, people don’t prefer going to different places and buying groceries. It has led to a decrease in the business compared to how the small grocery shops dealt with earlier. Running a baqala with shelves and cabinets at this time is no good for the business. It is because the customers have started following the online shopping trend.

Following the digital trend, the small businesses receive fewer orders, thus points to a few customers. The medium to large-sized retail stores or businesses have moved to online methods to serve customers. However, this is not the case with the small grocery shops as they cannot afford their own website or a mobile app. To overcome the problems of losing customers and business, we have one solution in an app.

Make your grocery Business Online and gain Profit out of it

Groc App - Grocery Shopping App Developed by Pentagon Information Technology

The Groc app is a grocery shopping app that is developed by Pentagon Information Technology. The Baqalas or small grocery shops need not invest in a website or app. Our app serves the purpose with a small amount of membership or subscription. It is affordable for small businesses to take their place online.

Groc App | Grocery Shopping App Developed by Pentagon Information Technology

How Groc App helps you?

Groc is a professional mobile app made for your grocery shop and helps in maintaining your business online. It bridges the gap between customer demand and serving them by grocery items online. With features like faster delivery without any cost, our app provides a unique experience to small businesses.

Small grocery shops are safe now as they can quickly sell their products using the app; the same was impossible without it. They could have incurred a high cost of a dedicated app and website. The app lists all grocery stores, from small to immense, giving equal respect to the online retail community.

Know How Groc App helps you | Groc App by Pentagon

Where to find Groc App?

From a small grocery shop to an individual customer, the grocery shopping app serves both parties. You can download the Groc app from Apple Store or Google Play Store on your respective devices. The other method is to scan the QR code from the website using your Smartphones.

Where to find the Groc App for Grocery Shopping | Groc App by Pentagon
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