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Top 10 SEO Trends to Dominate the Online Business 2021

by Priya Tomy 3 years ago

Digital marketers look for SEO trends every year because the methods of promoting online business are ever-changing. Heading towards a new decade makes it imperative. Therefore, standing on the threshold of the next decade, we need to plan for the next ten years to stay prepared and ahead of the pack. 

Since the last of 2019, the entire globe is facing a tremendous change of living, thanks to Covid-19 (Sarcasm intended)! The long lockdown period in many countries has shaken the base of many industries, and the business ROI has reached the bottom. The online platforms for businesses were the only way to continue with the process. To capitalize on the situation, we must know all possible ways to harness SEO trends that are going to rule 2021. 

SEO in Brief 

What keeps the ball rolling for online businesses? It is SEO, Search Engine Optimization. It helps the business website rank better in the search engine (e.g., Google) to get better visibility, which in turn boosts the lead generation and enhances business ROI. Google introduced many updates which impacted the SEO for a long time. The professionals adopted these changes and updates and planned their path based on the goal. In SEO, some changes are predictable for the upcoming year, 2021. To alleviate your journey with business promotion, we are here with top SEO trends that are going to corner the market. 

1. High-Quality Content 

The website contents which you think to be poor enough to be read will not rank on the first page of the search engine anymore. The content should be well versed, well-distributed with keywords, and informative. Instead of the length of the article, the quality will be prioritized. Extensive keyword stuffing will be outdated, and it may have a reverse effect on the ranking. 

2. Semantic Search 

Semantic search is going to be one of the Latest SEO Trends, among others. Semantics is a study of words, their interlinked relationship, and the effect of their implementation in the right context. Semantic search is performed by the search engine to understand the relevance of the search with the existing contents, meaning, and intent of the same and serve them based on the requirements in the perfect order.

By improving the site’s semantic search value, digital marketers can enhance business visibility. They have to focus on the strategy, planning, and regular content update to achieve the best result in it. 

3. Notable User-Experience 

This idea will not get old ever. To invite traffic and engage them on a site, user experience is one of the essential things to be focused on. Faster loading, better readability of the content, mobile-friendliness, and SSL certification are key factors of better user experience. There are paid marketing campaigns to get traffic and lead generation, but organic traffic is the best SEO can bring. And, user-experience holds immense importance to make that happen. 

4. Schema, Featured Snippet, and Structured Markup 

Although this is not a new thing to SEO, it falls under the key SEO tips for 2021. It helps the search engine to follow the context of the website or a page and crawl it better for a higher ranking. It also enables rich Snippet generation to increase the traffic significantly. Featured snippets will be a trend in 2021 because it will enhance the user experience where a person can read a snippet of the content on the search page. 

5. Local SEO

All local businesses continuously upgrade from conventional to digital marketing after this pandemic. As digital marketing in local companies is growing, so is ‘my company listings’ and ‘my local SEOs essential’ to Google. The local Seo has a significant role in SEO trends, 2021. To be the pivot pursuing local SEO techniques and gain more popularity with all local competitors.

6. Video for the SERP 

Surf Google these days, and you’ll see a carousel video on the SERP. Back in 2018, Google launched SERPs with video carousels. Video has only become more popular since then. Consider YouTube, a product of Google, which is the second biggest search engine in the world. This manifests the relevance and popularity of videos for SEO. 

7. E.A.T Optimization 

E.A.T. is one of the biggest trends in SEO 2021. The E.A.T is an abbreviation that stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This is going to be impactful in 2021 based on Google Algorithm updates. If a website uses copy content or irrelevant content, the change would be labeled. The author must have the authority in the subject matter, and he or she has to ensure that the contents are reliable. 

8. Integration of Artificial Intelligence 

With technological advancement, we can’t deny that AI is the future. The bot with human reasoning is capable of reducing error and time of a production process. The main technical developments for 2020 and 2021 are artificial intelligence and machine learning. The search engine of Google also uses AI that learns about search activity and patterns. That’s why stuffing keywords will be an outdated idea in 2021. AI will choose the best results, so all that matters now is relevant material. You will need to sustain the SEO techniques to make full use of the benefits. 

9. Mobile Integration 

If you organize your content, users can appreciate your efforts. If they find it comfortable, find easily what they need and access through mobile search.

Mobile Integration

It is the worst thing ever to have the website exclusively optimized for desktops, especially in the era where people spend 90% of their spare time surfing mobile phones. An excellent desktop appearance is undoubtedly cool, but Google itself has warned you that a first index mobile update is a must. Therefore, to get noticed in the search engine and enhance your business ROI mobile-friendly website is a must-have. 

10. Voice Search Optimization 

Believe us or not, 50% of the online searches are made by voice search. With the introduction of all virtual assistance and smartphones, voice search became more popular than ever before. A voice search command is, however, different from the conventional keyword searches.

A voice command or a voice search on a virtual assistant system can contain a question word like when, why, when, how, and what, along with a right long-tail query. Because the Virtual Assistant wants to provide the exact match and the best results for your query. This can be a crucial factor in ruling the market of SEO in 2021. 

To Conclude

Not only for the COVID-19 situation but also for globalization and digitalization, trading on online platforms is soon going to be the only way of transactions. The convenience and instant access to whatever you are looking for are the reasons beyond it. SEO improves your brand reputation. All companies proffering the best SEO services will follow these trends to stay updated and accelerate their promotion techniques to achieve the maximum for their clients. The trend will be changed if the major search engines come up with some unannounced updates. Apart from that, these trends will be enough to keep the ball rolling at its best pace. 

So, which one do you feel to be the most relevant trend?

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