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VPS Hosting Perfect For Medium-sized Businesses

The most beneficial hosting setup for medium sized businesses is often Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS) because it provides a perfect middle rung between simple webhosting which would be too small for many companies and more expensive hosting options targeted at very large companies. Pentagon can help make the transition process incredibly easy for you as our VPS hosting is run from high end virtualization software and hardware.

Virtual Private Server Hosting Services Abu Dhabi | Pentagon

Why You Should Choose Virtual Private Server Hosting

VPS hosting is a great alternative to regular hosting for websites that receive a lot of traffic. Therefore this solution enables you to achieve your online goals in a financially feasible manner.

Having your own virtual private server for hosting includes many benefits. As the entire virtual server will belong to you, along with its copious amounts of storage space and power, the setup can be radically customised to suit your particular needs. Hence VPS are also a great option for improved online security.

The extra power and RAM available with your VPS gives you a competitive advantage in the market place. Therefore faster server response times means more rapid loading of your users views. This amazing step up for your business is readily available with instant activation and fast set up times. In addition, our customer support team will stay with you throughout your journey with our web hosting.

What We Can Offer You

Our VPS Web Hosting Includes:

  • Rapid and secure system change overs
  • Excellent support
  • An all hours on call technical team
  • Automatic backups
  • Full security measures
  • Professional server management
  • No downtime, even during upgrades
  • SSD caches, pure SSD and Hybrid VPSs
  • And much more. Just ask us about our VPS web hosting options.

To give a professional impression to both your employees and prospective customers it is vital to have enough web hosting capacity. Furthermore, VPS can provide your business with an optimal online environment. As a result this will help to enable your business to function well and continue on to financial success.

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