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by Ajay Krishnan 5 years ago

WordPress is a dynamic content management system which is used to power millions of websites. 33% of internet uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the big news sites online. It’s usability and development community make it a strong choice for website development and is having a 60% market share of sites using CMS. Continuous development is done on WordPress since its inception in 2003 to improve the security features of the platform.

The WordPress Security Team

The wordpress security team is made up of 50 experts including lead developers and mainstream security researchers. Any vulnerabilities in the system is signaled to the security team via the WordPress HackerOne. Any issue is acknowledged upon receipt and the team works on the issue to be updated on the next release of WordPress Software. Any immediate security release will be published on the WordPress news site with the details of the update. Administrators of the software will also be notified upon such an event.

WordPress Security Policy

A set of functions and APIs available in WordPress helps the developers in avoiding any injection of unauthorized code. Administrators can also restrict the file types which can be uploaded by using filters. Also, majority of the security configuration operations are limited to a single authorized administrator. Any themes or plugins is manually reviewed by the volunteers before making them available on the repository.

Role of Hosting Provider in WordPress Security

The configuration of the operating system and web server hosting quality is very important in WordPress site security. Since it can be installed on a multitude of platforms, one has to be vigilant while choosing the server for hosting WordPress Applications.

Pentagon & WordPress

As a leading web design provider in UAE, we develop majority of our CMS websites in WordPress platform. Our developers constantly follow the news and updates from WordPress. Along with great designs, we are heavily focused on the security of the websites we build.

We provide secure servers to host the website as well. Since hosting servers are an important part of the WordPress security, websites hosted in our servers ensures we are in full control of the site security.

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