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10 Reasons to Choose AWS Cloud Hosting For Your Project In 2021

by Nizam P 3 years ago

Do you know that cloud hosting has made a lot of buzz recently? From individuals to companies, specifically the Information technology sector, everyone has taken hold of it. How the businesses work has become a critical element to deliver IT solutions for customers and end-users.

The fact is that every business is taking its solutions to the cloud. This way, they can manage their challenges in a better way. However, some companies are yet to decide to move towards cloud hosting; thus, their growth is limited.

Because of the cloud hosting benefits, the expenditure on cloud services is going to rise. One such service is Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has already leaped ahead. Major and different industry verticals such as healthcare, consulting firms, staffing firms and IT sector companies have employed AWS services.

For what purpose can I use AWS cloud hosting?

Amazon Web Services or AWS offer various services to businesses using data centers. These data centers are set up in different regions of the world known as availability zones. Primary benefits include migration of database, storage, management tools, network, content delivery, etc.

All the AWS availability zones are connected using a low latency networking system. It is the main factor that creates a highly reliable infrastructure resistant to failures.

It is designed so that application providers, vendors, developers, etc., can host the applications quickly and securely. You can also use the management console to access the AWS hosting platform.

To reap the benefits of AWS Cloud Hosting services, look at the websites you can host.

Single server website

AWS cloud hosting works better for a simple website that works on a single server. You get benefits such as updating, managing content and building new pages. Everything can be done at a lower cost.

Good for Web apps

AWS cloud hosting also works best for single pager or web apps. These work inside a browser such as Google Mail, Facebook, etc., and doesnt require frequent reloads in the same session. With AWS, you will get desktop-like performance for your web apps.

Useful for static websites

For static websites used for marketing or personal use, they do not require server-side coding. You can use AWS without any extra cost to manage these websites.

Best for enterprise websites

Websites that have higher traffic rates usually fall into the category of marketing or media websites. These are known as enterprise websites loaded with applications or e-commerce integrated. AWS cloud hosting can make these websites work efficiently using multiple data centers.

Reasons to choose AWS cloud hosting

AWS (Amazon Web Services) was launched in 2006, and since then, it has remained leading in innovation. Due to the rise of cloud hosting, several developers and organizations have adapted to it. Here, we take a look at the reasons behind choosing AWS cloud hosting for your next project in 2021.

  • Flexible & Scalable

Amazon web services are all about scalability and flexibility according to requirements. If you are running your business, you will not require setting up the physical infrastructure. By using AWS, you can get on-demand hosting with storage and server access.

Talking about scalability, you can upscale or downscale the resources as per capacity or needs. Rest, you can start or stop AWS service at any point in time.

  • Offers customization

You get higher levels of customization by using AWS services. The customization options depend on your individual or business requirements. AWS cloud hosting also offers customer-defined tagging using which you can monitor specific resources. Other features include cost tracking, security, and automation, which can be customized.

  • Availability of APIs

The APIs (Application programming interface) allows you to manage the infrastructure properly. You can use third party instances utilizing the APIs to launch new models. Secondly, you can take backups, which takes less time and cost as compared to other services.

  • Mind the security

By using Amazon web services, you get one thing for sure, i.e., the greatest level of security and privacy of data. Talking about security, it is one of the major concerns that are addressed correctly by AWS. AWS understands the security thing very well, maybe for the customers or large businesses of any size.

Data privacy is maintained by AWS using fine-grained secure access to data and locality information. You dont pay extra as the inbuilt IAM (identity and access management) features take control of authorization to use the resources.

  • Scheduling service

As we have mentioned in the above point that you can start or stop any AWS service. It also points to that you can schedule any service according to requirements. You dont need to run services such as EC2 or RDS (Relational database service) throughout the weekend; however, you can schedule them.

Secondly, if you are using third-party tools, then you will not require doing scripting.

  • Development tools

AWS cloud hosting offers different development tools. These can help the developers or coding teams to integrate and deploy their code for business infrastructure. Tools such as Code Deploy, Code Commit, and Code Pipeline help deploy the code, use revision control service, and automate the software release.

Using these tools, you will experience high deployment speeds as compared to regular hosting servers.

  • Consistent and Reliable

Consistency and reliability can be taken as the best reason to set up AWS for your next project. You can take multiple backups of servers based on numerous physical locations. Talking about consistency, you get AWS models that work best for you or your business.

  • Backup and Recovery

Every business needs a data backup, and it cannot lose it. Losing the data is the biggest challenge or danger of any business, and we need to avoid it. Even any disaster can trickle a small amount of downtime that leads to the stoppage of services. It results in data loss and monetary too.

Here, Amazon Web services come in handy, as multiple cloud-based recovery options are available. Rest, the backup is always scheduled to be taken. Even if you lose data, it is always there to be obtained again.

  • Global footprint

If you are looking for a service, the first point you think of is to check the availability in that location. AWS is a global leader of cloud service providers, offers global architecture. The service availability zones are available across the world. Having multiple availability zones and data centers helps in fetching the data quickly without any delays.

  • PaaS (Platform as a service)

As AWS is highly scalable, you can use it for services such as data warehousing, data backups, caching, application management, storage, etc. You can save the time and energy of setting up the infrastructure because of these features or services. Rest, you also save much of the time managing the same. It leads to cost reduction in the long run.

Wrap it up

There you are. You know that AWS cloud hosting has taken over the market as a leader with its staggering growth. If you are looking forward to setting up hosting for your next project, you can indeed migrate to AWS. Do reap the benefits of cloud hosting that gives the best performance, security, and scalability.

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