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zimbra solutions

zimbra cloud

Effective email communication is the backbone of modern businesses, and Zimbra Cloud Email Hosting offers a robust solution to enhance your organization's email experience. Experience secure, reliable, and feature-rich email hosting with Zimbra.

Business suite

  • You decide your mailbox size as per your requirement.
  • SSL enabled POP / IMAP / SMTP access to the mailbox.
  • Built-in premium multi-layered, multi-tiered antivirus, antispam, anti-malware, and advanced malware scanning.
  • AJAX-based web access.

Professional suite

  • Mailbox size can be allocated as per your requirement.
  • SSL-enabled POP/ IMAP / SMTP access to the mailbox using any POP / IMAP client.
  • Faster response times, and lower bandwidth usage via our desktop class AJAX experience.
  • 2-Way sync from Outlook to Web using ZCO (Zimbra Connector Outlook).
  • 3-Way ActiveSync for Smartphones, for Mails, Calendars, and Contacts.

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