2018 – The Year of Zayed

by Penta Tech Blogger 6 years ago
2018 – The Year of Zayed

All the people living in UAE have a tendency to associate the name “Zayed” to a great visionary and a man of wise words. The Year of Zayed will be celebrated to mark the 100th year of the founding father, His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Sheikh Zayed was famous for the values he followed of which some are wisdom, tolerance, respect, sustainability and human development and the “Year of Zayed” i.e., the year 2018 is solemnized to instill his values across the community.

His determination and the values helped him to unite the 7 emirates to become one and the vision he had then has made the country to be recognized regionally and internationally. So, when we celebrate the Year of Zayed, we need to realize the objectives put forward by the government:

•To educate about the life and accomplishments of the late Sheikh Zayed among the nearby, territorial and worldwide community.
•Raise the profile of the late Sheikh Zayed to that of one of the world’s most prominent pioneers and most persuasive figures.
•To reinforce the status of the late Sheikh Zayed as an unceasing symbol of national pride and an effective image of the UAE around the globe.
•Recognize and respect the inheritance of the late Sheikh Zayed through undertakings and activities that are reliable with his vision and qualities.

“The Year of Zayed is a great national occasion when we will proudly share memories of the life of the founding father, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and his gift to us of deeply-rooted values, principles, and traditions that have become part of our Emirati identity,” Sheikh Khalifa said. (Source: Gulf News)

At Pentagon, we believe in the noble values put forward by the founding father and we join hands with the people of the Emirates in celebrating the Year of Zayed by spreading and inspiring the next generation with the glorious Sheikh Zayed’s legacy.

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