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5 Levels of Awareness and Its Implications on Website Design

by Hadhia 2 years ago

Even though the Five Levels of Customer Awareness was first identified in 1966, these 5 levels are still very much relevant today and are used to make various marketing decisions. So, what are these levels of customer awareness?

Level 1 – Unaware

At this level, your potential or target customers do not think they need anything – there is no problem to solve. This also means that they don’t know your brand, which is concerning as people at this level of awareness will obviously not buy from you. These people are highly unlikely to ever reach your website. Unless you prompt the need recognition process through advertising or other marketing techniques, that is.

Level 2 – Problem Aware

Problem Aware target customers recognize that there is a problem. This does not necessarily mean that they know exactly what the problem is. So, they definitely will not be familiar with possible solutions, including the one you offer on your website.

Level 3 – Solution Aware

People who are Solution Aware know their problem or pain point, what results they wish to get, and also that solutions are available. Unfortunately, they do not know about your company, brand, product, or service. This must be remedied through marketing efforts and your website plays an important role in educating these potential customers about you.

Level 4 – Product Aware

Target customers who are Product Aware know about you and your offerings. They are also aware of your competitors’ offerings. This means that you are in their consideration set, but they are yet to choose you. A more persuasive tone highlighting your competitive advantages should be used in your marketing messages to convert them.

Level 5 – Most Aware

People in this level of awareness know and trust your brand. They are customers who know your company and what you have to offer. They are willing to buy and can potentially become your most loyal customers. These individuals are extremely valuable as they could recommend you to their social circle.

Relevance to Website Design

As useful as these are in making marketing decisions, they can also be relevant to your website. Your website is your storefront, your identity on the internet. And your potential clients make decisions based on their impressions of it. This is why having a pleasing, well-designed website and homepage is essential. But you also need to consider the consumer awareness journey when creating your website, as different types of content are more effective at different stages.

Which stage are most people who visit your website at? Considering that they reached your website, they are likely between stages 2 to 4. This is to say that they are Problem Aware, Solution Aware, or Product Aware. Unless you are a huge brand or household name like Nike or Apple with loyal customers, it is unlikely that your website visitors belong to the Most Aware category.

How to Implement In Your Website

So, you must ensure that the most important and basic questions are answered right at your home page. Who are you and what do you do? What problem do you solve? These questions must be given a very clear answer as soon as they reach your website, catering to potential customers who are on stage 2 and 3 of their awareness journey.

Make sure you also mention details about your product or service, as well as your competitive edge. Give them a reason to choose you from among the troves of competitors. This allows Solution Aware visitors to consider you and persuade Product Aware website visitors to choose your product or service instead of other brands. 

Another crucial piece of information that must not be left out of your homepage is – what now? Now, I know who you are and what you offer, and am considering choosing you, what is the next step? Providing a crystal-clear answer to this along with CTAs to encourage them to take this next step could very well be the difference between a conversion or a lost lead.

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