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6 ways to grab the ATTENTION of the visitors on your website

by Penta Tech Blogger 6 years ago

The objective of any website would be to get more conversion either through email subscription, pop-up chat queries or through any of the available medium like sharing on Social Media platforms etc.

After reading this article you should be able to have an idea about how a website should be developed so that you could make the visitor stay long and engaged on the page. Here are 6 ways to grab the attention of the visitors on your website:
1. Creative and a responsive design
2. Ease of navigation
3. Linking the contents in your site
4. Appealing titles or headlines
5. Usage of High Definition images
6. Call to Action button

The first and foremost step is to create an attractive design which is responsive and adaptable to various screen sizes. The reason why it should be responsive is that because almost 80% of the visitors come through mobile so having a non-responsive website would backfire on yourself. At the same time, responsiveness isn’t enough! You need a visually appealing design to make the visitor stay more on the site.

And will the design alone assure you that the visitor will stay long?

No, that’s not it. You need to have a design which would make it easy for the visitor to navigate to any of the sections or the tabs on your website. The navigation function means that the visitor shouldn’t take much time thinking about what is what. Make the design simple and impressive so that the visitors are able to navigate between each section without taking much time.

Another important way to grab the attention is by internally linking the contents to your own website, which will increase the time of the visitor on your site. Try and link the contents of a page/post to another page so that the user is able to navigate and stay longer.

The contents of the website shares information about your company and the products/services you have so having an appealing title or a heading will increase the curiousness of the visitor to read the content which in turn makes them stay on the page.

Now, this is a point where many of the people neglect to spend an extra penny. Usage of high definition images on your website is a mandatory thing. Also, using images which match the content of the page is equally important because visitors should be able to relate better with the tile and the image.

Finally, providing call to action button on the page so that the visitors who are impressed with the information and the content might end up signing up for your newsletters or might share the content with their friends so if you do not have any call to action button then there are chances that they might leave the page without doing anything which will not benefit you in either way.

Make sure to check out our website to get an idea about these steps. Also, get in touch with us if you require an attention seeking website design.

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