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9 Reasons to opt for Digital Marketing than Traditional Marketing

by Priya Tomy 2 years ago

When it comes to the business plan for a manufacturing company, everyone wants to grow worldwide. Talking about the manufacturing companies on a global scale, there has been a lot of competition between them. Further, the competition is becoming fierce as new businesses add to the list. To stay put in the current situation, every business owner desires to increase their revenue, optimize the ROI, thereby helping to boost their brand. 

Traditional Marketing V/s Digital Marketing

Talking about the 4IR, we are currently in the fourth industrial revolution. As we talked about the cutthroat competition, it forms a part of the 4IR. Here the customer’s expectations are high, and to keep up with the same, the business owners need to get in touch with the digital marketing strategies. In this way, they can reach their desired goals, or else they will not be able to cope up in the market. 

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Target audience is the driving factor for every business. For this purpose, an effective marketing strategy should be put into force. A business plan for a manufacturing company should be to focus on digital marketing strategies. Not just basic marketing, but the digital one gives better referrals, leads, and much more.

It is the digital world or the digital era, and every business wants to survive. 

Integrated and Effective Digital Marketing

Talking about the global manufacturing companies, it has become imperative for them to be connected with effective digital marketing services. 

You want to implement the right strategies to achieve the goals. Further, you want to stand amid the competition, as it gets tough day by day. Your business needs a boost to reach the topmost position. Do not end up in the misconception that the new-age marketing techniques do not work. Several businesses have lost their way by adapting to traditional concepts only. 

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Reasons to prefer modern strategy over traditional marketing strategy

You get better search engine ranking

Taking into consideration the manufacturing industries in Abu Dhabi, UAE, they might often face difficulties. They are unable to achieve the desired traffic flow, and thus they end up with reduced sales and negative exposure in the market. 

To overcome this situation, a business plan for a manufacturing company should be put into place. It includes digital marketing techniques such as SEO (search engine optimization), which improves the overall website ranking. Your business website gets a boost in the Google SERPs thereby making you close to the target audience. Furthermore, your expectation of increased sales is guaranteed. 

Focus on the specialized content 

To deliver the right content one should know the competitor. An attractive force to grab the attention of the target audience is specialized content. This content also forms a part of the business plan for manufacturing companies in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

Furthermore, you easily promote your business among the prospects. They come to know more about your services, products, and vision as a whole. 

Do not forget to add the appropriate keywords, as they do the work. The best keywords used within the content make way for the website ranking. In this way, whenever a user searches for Google, your website will come up on top. That is how digital marketing plays a significant role. 


Trending social media platforms 

Just as we talked about how digital marketing plays a significant role. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and others ensure better exposure to the brands. It is possible to expand the business virtually by showing a brighter side to clients worldwide. 

An absolute solution for the Manufacturing Industries in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Keeping in mind the target audience’s interest, the companies can develop their business profile. The social media platforms help the brands to grow and know more about what the potential customer wants. 

Significance of Inbound marketing

Talking about inbound marketing, you must have heard this word several times. It is mostly used in digital marketing and forms a part of the methodology. Here, the digital strategy highlights the content that attracts customers. Further, these customers would become a part of your sales funnel, and thus potential buyers too. 

Inbound Marketing V/s Outbound Marketing
  • Inbound marketing helps in creating a measurable ROI, thereby optimizing the same. On a global scale, 41% of the marketing professionals adapt to this strategy.
  • For the decisions taken by the business owners, up to 80% of them point towards blogs, and articles. They are better than focusing on advertisements. 
  • If the inbound marketing strategy is properly executed, it can provide up to 10 times more effective lead conversions
  • Optimization & Targeted content helps increase traffic

Reasons to adapt digital marketing strategy

When it comes to devising a business plan for a manufacturing company, we take into consideration some of the reasons. They make us understand why digital marketing strategy for manufacturing companies is important.

Get more searches in Google 

Talking about the Google searches, they are increasing daily at a large scale. Internet Live statistics shared that Google process more than 40,000 searches every second. That is more than 3.5 billion searches every day and 1.2 trillion searches per year on a global scale. 

Google Search Trends

If your business has not yet adapted to the digital marketing strategy, you are missing the searches. Therefore, it is time your business be found online by adapting to the digital trends. 

Get your business noticed

As more users or customers search for products, and services online, your business should be found. For this purpose, the best thing you can do is to design a website. Further, the website should be linked to a call-to-action page where the customers can interact.

Secondly, there should be a blog section on the website that engages the users with current trends. These can relate to the services of the business, other crucial information, etc. 

Brand awareness 

A digital strategy planned according to the business goals can increase brand awareness. It also attracts a larger part of a relevant audience. You do not just have to capture the online traffic, but also ensure that it converts well. Because of brand awareness, this can be possible in the end. 

The Buyer Perspective 

The buyer’s online research has increased rapidly, and it is all because of the digital marketing strategy. Brands are able to connect with the audience in a better way. They understand their demands and thus help in product development and feature enhancements. 

According to the Acquity Group State of B2B Procurement study, around 94% of B2B buyers prefer doing online research. They want to make sure that before buying a product the reviews are positive, with better feedback. Meanwhile, for the engineers, around 56% of them have already reached the third stage of the buying process. This process starts even before the engineers have contacted the sales team or vendors.

Engage with Content Creation

You cannot just portray your brand as a leader without following digital marketing capabilities. Every business needs a dedicated platform through which they can speak about themselves. Engaging with content creation will give your customers a better topic to explore.

Businesses can conduct webinars to build strong relationships with the target audience. Thus, they get better lead generation in return. 

About 82% of manufacturing industries have seen an increase in profitability and reaching new heights. It is because of content creation strategies.

More Leads for Increased Sales

Every brand needs to generate leads. It helps them to track potential buyers in a sales funnel. You get 15% more business leads from existing customers with the help of the website and social media channels. Visitors turn into potential customers by way of interacting with landing pages, lead boxes, as well as downloadable.

Do not forget the SEO as it plays the role of tracking potential leads. Thus, it brings more traffic to your website that turns into better ranking in Google

Engage with buyers using email marketing, social media channels for better conversion. Focus on marketing automation as 80% of business brands have seen a boost in generating leads. About 77% of marketing professionals, who made use of digital marketing campaigns, see a rise in successful conversion rates


There you are. You have to know the aspects of digital marketing, and its significance in the 4IR manufacturing industries. If you are interested in knowing more about how the process is done from A to Z, get in touch with us for a free proposal today. You can also download our digital marketing checklist and help your business brand to replenish. 

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