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by Penta Tech Blogger 7 years ago

WordPress is software which can be used to create a website. You can also create a blog or an app with it. It is based on MySQL and PHP and is an open source content management system (CMS). Due to its versatility and flexibility is the popular tool these days. Without any special tools and without even installing it on your computer you can run WordPress online. You can update and make changes on your website from anywhere even your smart phone, all you need is an internet connection.


Free – This is free software. You can not only install and use it but can also modify it as per your requirement. As this is a community software support is extended from the community members. Members are the volunteers who wish to write plugins, create themes, translate or answer support questions etc.

Search Engine Friendly – Your site developed with WordPress is always attractive for search engines. And search engines drive traffic to your website.

Extendable – It offers many themes to choose from. Whether you want an ecommerce theme, photography theme or portfolio theme etc. you can easily get it here. You also get the option of using various plugins available here.

Easily Managed – Built in updater in WordPress makes it easy to update it. Plugin and themes can easily be updated through this.

Repeat Visitors – You are motivated to easily add new things on your site as result visitors are also encouraged to repeatedly visit your site.

Supports various media types – It has got built in supports to handle different types of media like images, videos and audio content. It even supports embed enabled websites like you can easily embed you tube videos etc.

No need of separate HTML software – You can create blog, or a page without separate HTML editing software. Videos, images or documents etc. can be simply uploaded exclusive of additional HTML software.

Control on website – Dependency on web designer will be eliminated. You can easily control and make changes in your website yourself.

Fully customizable – You can fully customize your website. Look and feel of the website can be tailored as per your brand which can give it a totally new look.

Scalable – Websites of WordPress are very scalable. These sites can have many numbers of pages or blog posts without compromising the performance of the website.

Multiple users – The administrator of word press site can setup multiple users and can assign them access levels as per the requirement.

Social Networking friendly – Easily integrates with social media like Facebook, twitter etc. You don’t have to login separately to them for referring the changes in your website.

WordPress gives you the leverage of creating a website without having knowledge of coding and developing skills. You can easily learn working on this. You don’t even have to update navigation when you add pages. It happens automatically depending on the category it is assigned to. Frequent posts updation and timely management of website gives a very good impression and makes a good rapport in the industry.

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