by Faizal 5 years ago

Router is used to sharing the internet it is a hardware and which is used for access through sharing networks within the local area. There are different types of the router with specific signal strength in the market. These routers have designed with transfer signals from a single point to the multiple exact destinations. We can share our applications, files and browser surfing with the help of routers. Nowadays routers are used everywhere ex: Office, homes etc.

Modem is the main hardware used for getting internet access. But most of the users prefer routers instead of the modem. From one modem we can connect multiple routers and their extenders and make to work on a large scale.
There are two types of routers now wired and wireless.
Wired routers:
Wired Route is commonly used in large office complexes. it stable internet connection. But now a day’s wireless is getting improved day by day. Still, the majority of people used wired routers because there is no data loss or make their internet stable every time. Even for larger network everyone use for multiple routers and for more connections we use switches  to make the network wider
Wireless routers:

A wireless router also has the ability to provide an internet connection without wires want to connect network in this era. Because every one planning to reduce wires so there the wireless routers get introduced.  You can move freely within the area of the network with laptops, handheld devices etc and get an internet connection. These types of wire-free routers are radio waves technology which has many benefits.

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