by Faizal 5 years ago
We all know that our IT infrastructure is growing daily basis with high security. Every firm is concern more about their security features. So that we are mainly using Biometrics devices for security purposes. In the case of attendance also now we consider this more.
The technology is mainly used for identification. Access control for identifying individuals who are under surveillance. biometric authentication is that every person can be accurately identified physical or behavioral trait.
Mainly use identifiers are Fingerprint, face, and Iris. The user is authenticated facial recognition, fingerprints, iris recognition, vein recognition, retina scanning, voice recognition, and DNA matching.
Iris is the most secure in this time. Iris recognition has a proven highest accuracy rate nowadays. Iris most effective technology can be used in high-security areas. iris have no false matches in over two million cross-comparisons. The authentication needs to do look into a camera for a few seconds. The process captures a video image that is non-invasive and inherently safe.
The benefit of Biometric authentication:
Biometric authentication is much harder to fake than identity cards.
You can’t guess a try the pattern like you can guess a password.
You can’t misplace your fingerprint like you can misplace an access card.
You can’t forget biometric authentication process like you can forget a password.
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