Challenges to Overcome in Outbound Sales Success

by Jerrin Zechariah 5 years ago
Challenges to Overcome in Outbound Sales Success

Even if you have the best product/services and an ideal sales process, there are still certain challenges that have to be overcome in an outbound sales scenario. Below are a few of these challenges.

1.Finding the right leads

You need to first understand and define your ideal customer profile. The next step will be to find anyone who fits this profile. The initial challenge here is what sources would you use to find them. If you find them the next challenge is to find their email id/contact number.

  1. Connecting with the leads

Once you have collected the contact information of the leads, you need to decide on how to engage with them whether through phone or email. Even then there will be challenges in terms of email deliverability issues and getting connected through phone etc.

  1. Engaging the leads

Sending an email isn’t enough anymore. The right subject and content should compel the lead to open and read the email. All you can do is now wait for the prospect to respond back.

  1. Measuring what’s working

The major challenge is to keep analyzing and measuring the results of your efforts. If one approach is not working, you will have to keep changing it until you get the required results.

Once you find the right balance between all these steps, you will be one step closer to outbound success.


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