Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting To Augment Your Business

Pentagon Information Technology understands the importance of your staff and customers enjoying smooth access to your online products and services. That’s why we provide premium web hosting infrastructure to strengthen your business.

Dedicated hosting effectively allows you to control all the resources of a server. This gives your business ample capacity to run and grow all its online functions.

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When To Choose Dedicated Hosting

One key element to consider when deciding on your hosting plan is the volume of traffic coming through to your website every day. If your website gets over 3,000 viewers a day then it’s best for you to get dedicated hosting. Regular web hosting providers for websites are not able to efficiently cope with such high volumes of traffic. This means a poor viewer experience and as a result, less conversions/money for your business. There are a variety of ways to use dedicated server hosting in addition to website hosting. It all depends on what online infrastructure your business needs. By opting for dedicated server hosting you are expanding your online abilities while bypassing all the costs associated with the buying, complex running, and maintaining of your own server.

What We Can Offer You

Our dedicated server packages include fulltime network availability and amazingly low down time in addition to specialised engineering configurations for complex architectures. Our team of systems administrators and advanced server support experts will always be on hand to ensure smooth sailing for you as your business grows. So let us do all the hard work and provide you with:

  • An extraordinary performance boost
  • Improved online security including professional firewall and monitoring
  • Dedicated hardware with automatic backups
  • Expert friendly support on hand
  • Security patches and online app management
  • And much more. Just ask us about your options with dedicated server hosting.

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For the highest quality server hosting that money can buy, look to PENTAGON. With decades of experience in the industry we have more than enough resources behind us to provide you with an outstanding professional facility. We are always ready to discuss how you can reach your business goals using technology. So feel free to send us a message via our contact form. Or gives us a call today to start the conversation on how we can partner with you to make your business more successful.

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