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It is quite a daunting challenge for SEO experts to make their site’s rankings over the search engines.

These individuals have officially made a considerable measure of guarantees to their customers and have no strategies planned to meet their client’s business necessities.

There are various SEO tools that are accessible to help you with the processes. Really, it is a difficult task for most SEO experts to discover which of them are great and accessible with the free use over the web.

With regards to the large organizations it is agreeable to enlist premium SEO tools, yet on account of small SEO business ventures they won’t not have enough financial support to utilize a premium tool. Eventhough the free online SEO tools have limitations, it can a right start to know for every small business organizations before going for a premium selection of tools.

Considering these issues we have chosen to list 25 best free online SEO tools that can help and support the SEO and Digital Marketing experts.

Here we have listed SEO tools for Keyword research, Google analytics tools, content management tools, website ranking tools, website loading speed tools.


Keyword research is the main practice in SEO processes and pay-per-click marketing. If you can’t find the right keywords for your content, then you may fail to be good in your business.

Here are some keyword research tools for your SEO tasks.


The WordStream keyword tool permits you to focus on specific platforms like related keyword groups, gives you more suggestions, and furthermore permits you to categorize them based on a typical topic for simple and group launches.

This keyword research tool gives you 30 free searches, after that you’ll need to agree to accept their WordStream Advisor to utilize it furthermore. It is the quick, most accurate and comprehensive tool available or keyword research. It has a huge database to provide thousands of long-tail keyword suggestions.


Keyword Planner is a free AdWords tool for new or experienced marketing person that resembles a workshop for building new Search Network campaigns or extending existing ones. You can scan for keyword and advertisement group thoughts, perceive how a list of keywords may perform, and even make another keyword list by increasing a few arrangements of keywords together. The Keyword Planner can likewise help you pick focused offers and spending plans to use with your campaigns. It is formerly known as Google Keyword Tool and is the powerful keyword researching tool that provides with lot of information with broad options.


If you have different channels you wish to do keyword inquire for and need to clarify how to pronounce to your watercooler buddies, then Soovle is best option.

Soovle permits you to investigate the most typed keywords on various web crawlers in view of the keyword root you give it. It even incorporates Amazon and eBay. Not only is it an incredible keyword tool to utilize, but on the other hand it’s an extraordinary brainstormer as you can gradually begin typing in your thoughts and permit it to auto-create its own thoughts.


Keyword trends can be known using Google trends. This permits the client to concentrate the keyword popularity and plan SEO processes as indicated by that.


Presently despite the fact that you won’t be increasing your keyword net by utilizing search query report mining, you’ll in any event be enhancing your AdWords or Bing Ads account by fixing up gaps.

One normal thing in PPC records is the absence of consideration and detail in which the account holder permits one or a few keywords to be the “get all” to everything. A typical case is have the keyword + bounce +house or “bounce house” and leave at that.

The main issue is that you can’t in any way, shape or form laser-focus on each promotion to the inquiry question, and you’re landing page will not be as focused as it could be either. Not in any case dynamic keyword inserting (DKI) would help, since who needs to tap on a promotion with the feature of simply “bounce House”? How about we simply say it gets crazy, and you’re somewhat sluggish if that is everything you do.

The search term report is a PPC report that demonstrates to you what search terms have really boosted your promotions in view of the present keywords you’re offering on. So it won’t grow your reach since your advertisements are now appearing for those terms, yet it will help you enhance your quality scores and granularity within the account.


Ubersuggest is one incredible tool, which gives you a heap of suggestions of keywords in light of what Google recommends us while searching.


If you have been thinking that its hard to create Meta labels independent from anyone else, now snatch this Meta tag generator tool that will help you in the era of Meta tags easily.


This won’t not be the best and most productive keyword research tool yet it permits you to perceive what meta keywords your competitors could use to attempt to rank naturally.

From that point onward, you should simply find the keywords by right clicking and viewing page source on Google Chrome and read what they have. That is it!

Two provisos for this strategy:

Your competitors won’t utilize the best keywords
They won’t have meta keywords empowered (since Google does not include meta keyword information in its algorithm any longer)


The free analytic tools permit you to track the performance of your site by the customized report creation on the focused parameters.

This helps you to recognize what are your shortcomings and qualities, in this way enhancing your brand image in the business. This provides more information on your search, but you must choose the right one from them.

So don’t go behind a nitty gritty examination, rather go to that parameters that matters to your organization.

Next let us find out about the free Google Analytics Tools:

This is one of the famous examination tools utilized by most SEO individuals. It is a one major viable device which updates every now and then.


It can be used for shortening the URL, yet the real force of this arena originates from its analytics.


The factors affected by Google algorithm changes can be monitored using this tool in connection with Google analytics tool.


Your competitors may share many contents relevant for them as well as for you too. Using this tool, you can easily find the most shared content of your competitors so that you can also share similar contents to reach their heights of success.


If you business is focused to video marketing campaigns, then you must have this Youtube analytics tools which is apt for Youtube users.


Next are the tools that are used by content writers and content managers for managing their contents and to produce a unique one.

Making unique and attractive content for your site is a standout amongst the most critical things to do to keep up the current clients. We consider building up the content is essential in SEO as well.

Creating good content in accessible time is a challenging task today; You can check the greater part of the comparative blog entries by clicking free online SEO tools.

There are many free online SEO tools that help us to check different parameters of our substance.

When we have no time, we depend on a ton of comparable sites to get related thoughts.

This makes us to check whether the search engine users may see our content as a duplicate of another site page. So beneath are the must have – free SEO tools that look at our content.

Here we comprehend the significance of providing great tools that check our content are like other contents in internet, giving html codes from the content, making related pictures of the content and looking at pages after we perform revising.


If your content is copied from other contents, you are going to be caught by Copyscape. This is one of the best tools in content writing to check duplicate contents online. You simply need to give URL info and Copyscape will carry out its work.


It is a good tool for posting in your official or individual blog sites. You can specifically duplicate the content into Word 2 Clean HTML and snap change over to clean HTML.

It will produce content in HTML design, with the goal that you can specifically duplicate it to your page or other content management systems effectively.


This is another good and effective tool to check whether your content is on different sites or even in different pages on your site. You can give two URL information sources and check the likeness, thus similarity of content can be reduced and can be free from search engine penalization.


Wordle is a tool to make pictures from the keywords we give as information. Such pictures can be utilized while posting official sites and articles. These pictures are produced within no time with the goal that you can save your valuable time concentrating in different other content writing works.


Knowing where your site as of now positions is additionally amazingly imperative. It permits you to track which of your web based showcasing procedures are working best, letting you to center comparative endeavors over your battles, augmenting ROI and seeing your movement (ideally) soar through the rooftop. These tools empower you to do as such without a long stretch of time of tedious crawling through page after page of list items.


Google’s own one of a kind suite of accommodating tools to help clients screen the execution of their site. By utilizing the “Search Traffic” tab then the “Search Analytics” tab, it will bring you up a list of keywords you’re at present positioning for. Taking after from this, sort by positions of ranks and focus on the keywords that are on other page of the search outcomes. With somewhat of SEO wisdom, you must see them crawl up onto page 1!


The free form of the Searchmetrics Website Analyzer report demonstrates to you an essence of how your site positions in social, search and alongside a list of top terms with it.


We know how loading time is a big matter in SEO.

By improvising the page load of the site, it can be offered with better rankings and client engagement.

In this way, examining and optimizing your site with site loading speed testing tools helps you to actualize the accepted procedures in web performance.

As the SEO field is on demand and getting more focused nowadays, you require these sorts of tools to remain upright in the correct pace.

Let’s see those site loading speed testing tools.


This is an effective free SEO tool from own one of a kind best Search engine, Google

It checks the content of your site page and after that provides suggestions to make that page quicker.

Google has created “PageSpeed”, a group of tools with a specific end goal to help a client to advance the speed of their site.

Such that PageSpeed items will in fact show you or helps you to recognize the good practices that can be connected to your site. PageSpeed insights are likewise accessible as Chrome and Firefox extensions.


Pingdom is another magnificent free online SEO tools worked to check the speed of your sites and helps you to change it to make page speedier if important. It helps to-

Examine all parts of a site page
Performance review and tips
Overall performance
Analyze history of performance
Sharing your outcomes
Test from different areas


WebPageTest is another important free online SEO tool which can be utilized to run a free site speed test to check from different areas around the world utilizing programs like Chrome and web Explorer even at real time speeds in connection.

You can run simple tests there. Advanced tests incorporate elements like multi-step exchanges, video catch, content blocking and significantly more.

Your outcomes will give rich demonstrative data including waterfall diagrams, Page Speed streamlining checks and recommendations for upgrades.


GTmetrix utilizes Google Page Speed and Yahoo! Review your site’s execution and gives noteworthy suggestions to settle these issues.

Their suggestions will be founded on best practices in site development.

This free online SEO tool additionally give the need level to the activity that must be taken with from your stance for enhancing the site.

If you can enhance your site as per their recommendations, you can enhance your general score on your next Speed test.


Here is the list of the tools that can be used for upgrading your website for the web records effectively. If you have any greater perplexity, speak with our SEO authorities today and we will help you.

Assembling a list of free SEO tools can be a challenging. There are hundreds out there! We planned to list the ones that we’ve discovered important here at Penatgon and the ones you can utilize by means of the web within minutes to make them useful.

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