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Do Social Signals Influence SEO and Keyword Ranking?

by Maria R 3 years ago
Do Social Signals Influence SEO and Keyword Ranking?

Nowadays, almost every person knows about social media and SEO. Both of them focus on better rankings, traffic generation, as well as business growth. Until now, we came across a new word called ‘Social Signal’. Here, we talk about the impact on SEO, website rankings, and improvements to campaigns. 

Social Signal – What Is It All About?

Talking about the social signals, they indicate how the content was engaged on social media platforms. Engagement can be in the form of likes from visitors, sharing the content, adding comments, and so on. Further, the social signals indirectly help search engines to rank the page or a website.

Social Signal – The Types 

Do you know that SEO (search engine optimization) has two parts – On-page SEO and Off-page SEO? Similarly, social signals have two parts. Let us look at what they state. 

On-site social signal 

This type indicates that the increase in social signal depends on internal website factors. For this purpose, the recommendation is to add sharing buttons to your website. These buttons can relate to subscribing to the channel, page, or handle on social networks. 

Further, the owner of the website can also put a CTA (Call to Action) button on the website. It links back to the social networks thereby converting the user into a follower. 

Off-site social signal 

As the name says, the increasing factor of the social signal is outside the website. Here, it is all about creating accounts on social media platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.  

Social Signals and the Effect on Search Engine Ranking

The focus of a search engine is to display the results based on keywords. Thus, the visitor is satisfied with the results shown by Google’s algorithm. However, social signals and SEO have a relation in common. Thereby, the search rankings get an impact from social networks indirectly.


Talking about the factors we take into consideration, social signals neither help nor boost the rankings. It is all about how the content shows up on social networking platforms – Facebook, Twitter, etc. Meanwhile, Google fetches the shared content from these social media networks as a ranking signal. 

Social Media and SEO – The Social Signal Relation 

As a visitor, you search for quality content that is relevant according to your inputs. Meanwhile, the results vary from time to time. It is based on the search engine’s algorithms that evaluate the quality of the website. 

Further, if a website URL is shared on social networks, social signals kick in and help in ranking the page. As a result, the visitors see what they need. In this scenario, the social network indicated the domain authority (DA). In addition to this, when many users share the page, the content becomes engaging. 

How Social Signals Impact SEO?

Do not end up in the confusion that social media is the driving factor for SEO. Whereas, it is not stated that social signals influence rankings too. When it comes to the correlation between social media and SEO, the links turn up as the most important factor. 

Your ranking improves when the content is engaging, users like it, share, and comment on it. These social signals affect SEO directly as well as indirectly.

Direct impact on SEO 

  • The number of likes you got on a Facebook post
  • The number of times the Facebook post was shared by others
  • Your followers on Twitter
  • How many times the website URL or brand was shared on Twitter?

Indirect impact on SEO

  • How does brand awareness increase? Either by using more Backlinks or other technique
  • Increasing the time of visitors who stay on a webpage 
  • Things to make sure that the bounce rate of a website is decreased
  • Make sure that the returning visitors are in more number

Note: Both the direct as well as indirect impact of social signals help in ranking. They make sure that the search engine results are optimized. 

Improve Ranking for a Website

To improve the website rankings, one needs to focus on increasing social signals. Look at how one can focus on social media. 

  • You need to be active on social network platforms and post regularly
  • Make sure to get real followers that can engage with your content
  • Use the visual trick: With more images used in the content, the engagement rate can go higher. Thus social signals increase. 
  • Respond to your followers and other users who talk about your brand. Listen to them and carefully reply for a positive conversation to take place.
  • Make use of social media marketing tools that help to track the number of likes, comments, etc
  • Attract your followers and users in a giveaway contest with prizes. It will make them engage with your brand. 
  • Tell your followers, and users to like, and share your content on other platforms. You can also add some rewards for them performing this task. 
  • Integrate social media buttons in your website. Here social media and SEO interact with each other
  • You can also create social signal ad campaigns 


There you are. Mind the social signals, as they are an important driving factor for ranking. Either directly or indirectly, they do help in the end. It is time to optimize the social networking profiles, post regularly, and make your website content an engaging one. 

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