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by Jithu Mathew 5 years ago

In this modern world, one of the main security affecting the mails is email hacking. As the result of this your personal data, passwords will be compromised and blacklisting domains or IP.

Spoofed email hacking only use domain newly registered for a period of 24 hours as it is newly registered domain it will have no records related to the domain and the third party spam filter will not be aware of this domain and its activities.

There are ways to see if your account is hacked

  • A lot of spam email is sent automatically from your account
  • You are not able to access the account using the password
  • If you are receiving a lot of bounce back from an unknown sender

Below given are some of the reasons that lead to email hacking

  • Using a simple password
  • Saving the password in the browser.
  • Entering the same password in the online login
  • The virus affected on the system where you accessed your email account
  • DMARC record not active.

You can trace and block the sender and originating IP from the full header. In the full header, original sender can be identified by reply to and originating IP denoted as sender IP.

Full header access option differs depending on the email server in most cases full header can be accessed within the email option of that email, for example, to access the full header in Gmail.

  • Open the email you want to check the full header.
  • Next to Reply Reply, click the Down Arrow
  • Click Show original.

Things should be done if your account is hacking

  • Change the password
  • Scan the computer and update anti-virus
  • Change the account security question for email recovery
  • report it to your email service provider.
  • Add Dmarc record if it is not added.
  • Check your account setting
  • Monitor email activities
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