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Google Advertisement in Modern Business

by Ajay Krishnan 5 years ago

Google Ads is a connecting platform between businesses who offer a product or service and the consumers looking for the same. Google ads were formerly called Adwords and the service was first started in 2000. The main advantage of Google Ads is that people are seeing the ads when they are searching for something.

Google Advertisement/Display Network

This is a powerful network with more than 2 million websites and 90% of the visible internet covered. Google Display network can get your ads in front of targeted audiences. You can narrow down the customers you are targeting according to location, age and interests. Apart from several mobile apps and games in Playstore, you can target customers in YouTube, Gmail, etc.

You can place gif images with sliding texts, images, etc. or you can place static jpg images. You should consider specific dimensions and fps(frames per second) while creating the images for ads.

Search Advertisement

Google ads has two different advertising networks: Search & Display. The Google search network allows you to place ads on Google’s search results while they are searching for specific keywords. You can control the advertisement headlines and description.

Metrics & Analysis

You will get a complete metrics of advertisements run on the Google platform. Here are some of the major metrics:

  1. Number of clicks
  2. Number of impressions
  3. Graphical analysis of ads over time
  4. Search keywords your ads are shown for
  5. Major keywords for which your ads appeared
  6. Cost per click and money spend on different campaigns


You can place extensions in your ads which are basically buttons for the customers to:

  • Call you directly – Phone number extensions
  • Locate your business – Location extensions
  • Custom buttons like Get Quote, shop now, etc.

Google Analytics & Ads

It is important for you to set up Google analytics in your website. With Analytics, you can track the number of new users and returning users coming to your website. Their behavior and where they are clicking, along with where they left the website. This allows you to understand the customers and their behaviors for various ad campaigns.

PPC campaigns

Major payment is done in a pay per click model. You can set the maximum amount you are ready to pay for each click on your ads. Also, you can set a daily, weekly and monthly budget for your campaigns. This allows you to try various keywords and advertisement strategies, without worrying about investment.

We at Pentagon Middle East, give assistance in putting google ads for our customers. On request, we set up google analytics on the websites we build. Also, we give assisted service on digital marketing.

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