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Get The Premium Email Hosting For Your Business From Google.

Everything you need to run an office, together in one pack. Email Hosting Solutions. Get it from Pentagon, Premium Partners in UAE.

  • Gmail - Google Apps | Pentagon
  • Hangout - Google Apps | Pentagon
  • Calender - Google Apps | Pentagon
  • Drive - Google Apps | Pentagon
  • Google Apps | Pentagon
  • Speadsheet - Google Apps | Pentagon
  • Forms - Google Apps | Pentagon
  • Slides - Google Apps | Pentagon
  • Site Builder - Google Apps | Pentagon
  • Admin Manage Apps | Pentagon
  • Vault Manage Apps | Pentagon
Business Benefits
Crafted For Your Company, Now At A Discounted Price.

Email @Yourcompany.Com

Send professional email from your business web address (

Unlimited Storage

Start with 30GB space per user and upgrade to the unlimited plan anytime.

24/7 Live Support

Call or email us to get help from our technical engineers anytime.

Advanced Admin Controls

Add or remove users, add security options like 2-step verification and SSO from a centralized admin Console.

Easy Data Migration

Get personalized support for data migration and deployment from our support team.

Discounted Pricing

As G suite’s authorized reseller, get all the benefits at a discounted price from Pentagon.

Standard Google Apps Business System

Google Apps for Work is a popular Email Hosting provider that includes:

  • Unique email addresses (e.g.
  • Both video and regular audio internet calling
  • Shared calendar functionalities
  • 30GB online space for sharing and syncing files
  • Online professional documents suite (text, spreadsheets and slides)
  • Simple project site development
  • Administration controls and security settings
  • Round the clock support via phone and email
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Extended Google Apps Business System

This extended Email Hosting service provides everything included in Google Apps for Work as well as:

  • Limitless storage capacity (or 1TB per user if < 5 users)
  • Complex administration controls for Drive
  • Report extrapolation from Drive sharing and content
  • Google Vault for eDiscovery covering emails, chats, docs and files
  • Simple search and exportation to various formats
  • Automatic archival services
  • Controlled correspondence retention scheme
  • Create and use litigation holds on email reception
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