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Google to introduce a new Security Feature

by Penta Blogger 6 years ago

Google is reportedly looking to incorporate a new, interesting feature in Gmail wherein the user will be able to send expiring emails to their recipients. This feature is mainly said to target users sending confidential emails which would expire after a certain amount of time depending upon the expiration set by the sender.  Once you click the compose message button, the screen will have a tiny lock icon called “confidential mode” which implies that the recipient would not be able to copy/paste the email content,  forward, download or print the email. The sender would also be able to set an expiration date so that the email disappears after 1 week, months or several years, etc. Moreover, you could ask also your recipient to confirm their identity with a passcode sent via text message.

We are yet to understand if this feature will work for Non-Gmail Users as once the confidential email is received, the recipient is asked to confirm their Gmail Account in order to view the message.

While Google has been trying to revamp their Web Version of Gmail which is said to be coming out in a few weeks, we are yet to know if they will be releasing the new feature along with this or at a later date.




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