Hosted Exchange Solutions

An Ideal Choice For Small Businesses

In today’s world even small businesses often need the online capacity to allow their staff to work from anywhere. This is especially true for business email functions.
A positive alternative to the traditional Outlook for this business issue is Hosted Exchange Solutions.

Reasons To Choose A Hosted Exchange Solution

Firstly, price. Buying and managing your own exchange server can be very impracticable for small businesses because of all the added costs involved. These include hiring maintenance IT person, upgrading servers every three or so years, and buying all the necessary software licenses. In addition to this there is the setup and configuration time which can be quite arduous when trying to link your exchange server with staff phones and other devices. Instead of wasting time and money on all this hassle, small business are more and more frequently opting for hosted exchange solutions.

The benefits to this approach include:

  • Lower financial inputs
  • Staff can access your online environment from anywhere 24/7
  • You get to use top spec servers without having to buy them
  • You have access to expert IT personnel
  • Software licenses come built in and require no added investments on your part
  • You don’t have to worry about budgeting for an upgrade every few years

What We Can Offer You

The World Class Hosted Exchange Solutions Provided By Pentagon Information Technology Includes:

  • Ample storage capacity
  • Simple to navigate round the globe accessibility
  • High class security
  • Business management tools like calendar, contacts and task sharing
  • Lower hosting costs
  • Incredible range of plans
  • Helpful and friendly support

Our years of experience in the field mean that our team can easily attend to any needs that you may have. Let us take care of all the technological aspects of your business so that you can invest more of your time in running it.

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