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How Do Persuasive Sales Page Designs Give You Better Conversion?

by Priya Tomy 2 years ago

When it comes to making people’s life happier, businesses do not sell them products. Instead, they make their lives better by solving their problems. For this purpose, you would probably need the power of sales page designs.

It is all about persuading the visitors with high converting landing page designs. As it is not just the text but has convincing designs too. The visuals affect a lot on the target audience. Now, it is a different scenario if you want them to download a free ebook, sign up for an offer, or pressing the ‘BUY’ button.

What Is a Sales/Landing Page?

The landing page is designed with just one purpose in mind – that conversion. That is it. With the help of a sales page, you convince the visitors to buy something – A product, service, download something free by sharing basic information. It is a dedicated landing page built for conversions.

Furthermore, the sales page designs are created in such a way that it does not distract the users. In this regard, you will not find a navigation pane. At any point in time, if the visitor wants to leave the page, they would eventually click on the back button of the browser.

Short-form landing page designs

Talking about the short-form landing page, you will not find much of the information or a copy. Do not confuse it with the page length, as here the focus is on the copy length. Well, that is common sense as the copy is limited, the page will not scroll for long. The short form sales page is used for affordable products. A less copy will be required to get the conversion.

Long-form landing page designs

Here, it is the opposite of a short form sales page. This page contains a lengthy copy with loads of information. You cannot just sell your expensive product to customers as is. You need to be persuasive, and here the long-form landing page designs come for help.

It is more about convincing the visitors about reading information. It may include benefits linked to the service or a product, For example – Enrolling in online courses, live events, and much more.

Why Sales Pages?

For a business, the earnings or revenue comes from leads generated using different sources. To harness the power of sales, everyone needs a perfect sales page design or landing page design. Now, if you ask the question – Why do you need a sales page, we look below.

For shopping online, you would eventually open an eCommerce portal, browse for different products, pick the best you like, and buy. That is it. However, this is not the case for every visitor out there. Some just do window-shopping without knowing the benefits.

In this case, the landing page designs persuade them to buy better. Further, it also increases the revenue for a business. Therefore, both parties are at an advantage.

What is a Landing Page Conversion Rate?

When it comes to landing page designs, many companies use them for lead generation. Businesses get more targeted traffic due to the landing pages; however, they are unaware of the conversion rate.

First, landing page design is a medium to attract visitors to take a particular action, that generates the lead. Meanwhile, the landing page conversion rate relates to how many visitors clicked on the button. Did they make the particular action?

The conversion rate is a measure of how many clients or visitors the business got. Approximately, the landing page conversion rate is around 2.20 to 2.35%. Meanwhile, some highly ranked websites may have it as high as 5% or more.

The formula to calculate conversion rate is simple. Just take the total number of visitors, and the total number of people converted.

Total number of people converted


Total number of visitors

For example, you got 500 visitors of which only 20 were converted. Here the landing page conversion rate is 4% (20/500*100)

How A Sales Page Will Help You?

The main goal of a sales page or a landing page design is to bring the visitor to the right place. The visitors saw a specific ad and they thought it to be useful. On clicking the same, they will be taken to the sales page. Well, that’s the half goal achieved for your business.

With improved SEO techniques, the landing page designs can enhance customer satisfaction.

Look at how you can build a high-converting sales page of your own.

A copy that persuades

You know how a sales professional ensures that the products are sold. They compel the customers in such a way, that the latter is convinced to buy. While creating a sales page design, you should keep in mind that it should be persuasive. It should include potential questions that tend the visitors to answer, and finally, end up in a purchase.

Building trust is a must

When you are selling something, you do not have to be pushy. If you share previous customers’ testimonials, reviews, etc for the product, it would sell well. That is how you build trust among new customers.

The product that is in trend

When you share a value of the product that is currently trending, the users love to talk more about it. This ends up in an upcoming purchase based on the product in action.

How Does A Sales Page Look Like?

The structure of a landing page design or the sales page is conversion-oriented. Look at some of the aspects of the sales page.

Catchy Headline

Every sales page design should have a catchy headline that is benefit-oriented. Further, it should convey to the users what they desire, with quicker results. Talking about the benefits, the same is expressed in the headline, but not clarified. To get clarity, the visitor tends to click and thus a lead is generated.

Quick Overview

When it comes to the overview of any product or a service, it should be engaging. Do not make your visitors feel bored, and they would surely leave the sales page. Strong emphasis should be given in the copy that shares a brief with the user. Further, the overview should share purchase benefits to the visitor.

How the product or service benefits you/features of the product or service

You do not have to put all the A to Z of the product, its benefits, and the features. Instead, a summary can invoke curiosity and intrigue. Rest, everything happens in seconds, and the sale is done. 

How it Works

When the user or visitor ends up on your sales page, the next step is to make sure they follow the process. At times, some visitors may have low awareness about the product. Before you mention the offer on a product or service, make sure to show a vivid picture.


Testimonials are not just quotes shared by previous customers. They influence new users that convert into potential buyers. Further, it is the trust that is shown by way of client testimonials. With these, it is a sure shot your sales page will not end up in pitfalls.


Instead of directly indicating the price of a product, this section should show the value. Give them time to think and act. Not always, the value revolves around the pricing factor.

A Guarantee

You give the customers a guarantee of your products, and they would never leave your brand. That is the trust and credibility of your brand. During this phase, your sales page will convert so well, you cannot think about it.

CTA (Call to Action)

There you are. This is the final section where the visitor will hit the “BUY” button or download an ebook, PDF brochure, etc. The call to action should be compelling, and convincing. It states that you have known much of the product, now it is time to grab one with an offer.

Sales Page Design
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Conclusion Part

Your headline should be catchy to grab the attention of a user. Similarly, the conclusion part should gel well. It should be catchy and not just adding Call us Now, Email us now. From top to down approach in the structure, in the end, you should see a sale happening. Here, you get success.

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