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How Grocery Delivery App Helps Small Stores to Stay In Online Business

by Rojo Jose 3 years ago

The grocery business is the one that has seen the transformation since the Coronavirus pandemic spread worldwide. People have started preferring buying groceries from online stores, websites, and mobile apps. The pandemic is a bad thing that happened in 2020, but it gave rise to the digital trend. Several big brands have taken their business online and are serving the customers. 

However, one thing that is not changed is how small grocery stores do their business traditionally. These stores are called ‘Baqalas’ in the United Arab Emirates and sell groceries directly to customers. 

The Pandemic Caused a Significant Loss to Baqalas (Small Grocery Shops)

As the small grocery stores were doing their business without taking it online, they were hit by the pandemic. It has been a long duration as the lockdown persisted in many parts of the city. The stores have lost customers as no one is ready to buy food items from the shelves and cabinets. 

The main issue here is that these grocery stores don’t have enough money to take their business online. As they cannot connect with the customers online, the Baqalas have incurred a massive loss in their place. 

Big brands that sell groceries, food items, and other household products use a dedicated mobile app. Whereas the small grocery store owners cannot afford a website, have a mobile app, and sell the items online. 

It also takes a lot of stress and human hours to maintain the website and the mobile app. They do attract licensing fees to stay online for hosting and paying to the app development companies. 

So, how should these stores maintain their business and earn well for their families? Is there a solution? Yes, Pentagon Information Technology has come up with a solution that is targeted for the Baqalas or small grocery stores. 

Taking the Grocery Store Business Online

We cannot deny the fact that COVID-19 has fractured the everyday living. The whole world experienced a lockdown, and people have shut themselves in their respective homes. But, businesses need new ways to reach the customer’s demands by finding techniques best for sales. 

The essentials must cope with customer demands while they stay at home. It gave rise to the grocery business, and the digital era has helped boost the same. Retailers have almost left their brick stores and moved to online selling. 

Taking the Grocery Store Business Online

It is one of the easiest ways to tackle the changes by offering home shopping experience to customers. Beneficial to both the parties, it helps in growing the business too. For the small grocery store that cannot afford an online business, the Groc app assists them in their needs

How Grocery App Helps Baqalas to Maintain Their Business Online?

Online grocery shopping is an excellent opportunity for the grocery business to flourish; the Grocery app helps connect with the customers. It bridges the gap between customer demands and how to serve them with household products or groceries online. 

It is the best initiative to safeguard these stores, as they cannot afford other forms of selling products online. Customers are happy as their orders are received from the nearest grocery shop direct at their homes. People who used to visit the small grocery stores in their locality can easily find them online using this app. 

How Groc App Helps Baqalas to Maintain Their Grocery Business Online

Groc mobile app is available to install and works on both iOS and Android platforms. It lists all the types of stores, whether big or small, every store is given equal respect. Delivery agents cover different areas and deliver products to customers as per their orders.

How Does the Online Grocery App Work?

The app has given the grocery owners the advantage of the latest digital era. Now they can also share their brand with the customers as they are online and active. 

Groc app helps them reach the customers without paying a hefty amount of maintaining a website or app. We know that these stores cannot afford to spend more to get listed on e-commerce mobile apps and other stores. Using the app, they need to pay small fees for subscription and get a membership. This membership ensures that their business stays online, and the retailers earn well and grow their business. 

Fees charged by the mobile app admin are to manage the listing of items on the grocery app. It also helps the small grocery store owners to access and sell their products on the multivendor app marketplace. 

Retailers can use the Groc app to sign in with their mobile number or email. Once done, they can log in, set up their grocery store, and add food items and other essentials they want to sell. They can also manage the app’s orders, so there are no hassles to manage it separately. 

Similarly, customers can create their account in the app and log in to pick their favorite items. They can find the essential food items and household items from the app that show the nearest locality grocery store. 

Working of Groc App

Once the essentials are ordered, they will be delivered to your doorstep within a couple of hours. 

Where Can I Find the App?

Whether you are a small grocery store owner or customer, the app is available for both. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. The other way is to scan the QR code from your smartphone’s camera on the website. 

Where Can I Find the Groc App for Grocery Shopping

The app also provides to earn free credits when you register into the app. The coupons can be redeemed when you meet the eligibility criteria. 

Wrap It Up

Online Grocery App has made the shopping easy for the customer, and the grocery store owners. The customers can pick from their nearest store, and thus it fulfils the customer demands for essential items during this pandemic. However, there are many other reasons why your business should go online. Make your grocery business online and grow your customer opportunities.

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