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How to build a business website so that you can start testing marketing tactics?

by Priya Tomy 3 years ago
How to build a business website so that you can start testing marketing tactics?

Congratulations, you are soon going to have a business website. Isn’t it good news?

However, you have taken a worse step. Do you know what it is? You have chosen an online free website builder. It may seem funnier to you, and you may ask, “A website is a website, and does it matter?” Yes, of course, it matters. Do you know why you shouldn’t rely on on-site builders or website templates to build a business website?

Cheap can be expensive

  • Time and money: Even when it comes to ready-made platforms, it will still take you hours to define which template to use, adjust the design and insert the content on the website that you will build yourself.
  • Organic searches: Sites made on a casting platform will hardly compete with sites that allow their programming code changes. You cannot implement several SEO techniques properly.
  • Never be 100% responsive: These platforms only allow your website to have a mobile version. It is very different from a responsive website.
  • The website takes time to load: If you build a business website on a website builder, it will not be as fast as a website designed by professionals. If you deny this, you will make the biggest mistake.
  • Implementing brand identity: Building a website on a ready-made platform makes it difficult to implement a unique brand identity. There will be several sites with an appearance similar to yours.

You will need a robust web hosting service

Outstanding cloud hosting in terms of both competitive pricing and quality.

Without a business website, a business can hardly manage its existence in this corporate competition. A website is a necessity. If you need to create a website for your e-commerce, you have already faced the following question: how to choose the best website hosting service? Web-hosting is a virtual computer (network) where your website is the host (store data and files). It is why you must select the web hosting services that suit your requirements. The aspects are –

  • Availability,
  • Available storage,
  • Monthly traffic, and loading speed,
  • Security of your data,
  • Customer support,
  • Payment methods,
  • Content management system,
  • Take a free trial, and discover extra benefits.

Choose a CMS seems best to you

The CMS is the system responsible for managing the content for a business website. The choice of CMS is another crucial initial step. Almost everything that involves the development of the site will pass through here. Follow these steps to select the best CMS for you –

  • Good infrastructure,
  • Quality support,
  • Presence of the necessary functionalities,
  • Usability,
  • Resource versatility,
  • Possibility of Documentation,
  • Reference from experts and market colleagues,
Web content management ensures your content will not suffer any downtime and ensures a cent percent uptime guarantee

Word Press is the most extensive CMS system. Its main features are themes, plugins, and content. The Joomla is an open-source CMS and, therefore, more customizable than Word Press. Drupal is one of the oldest CMS available in the market. It has free and paid features.

Customize Your Brand Identity

You must have noticed similarities between some sites, and you must also have seen that some are different from all the ones you have already accessed. Presenting aesthetic elements that dialogue with the consumer is essential for a business website. The layout needs to talk to the content and the audience at all times, providing identification. The choice of colors, fonts, photos, graphic elements: all counts in favor of objective work. It will help if you built custom themes that suit your business type and requirements.

A business website from scratch offers you greater flexibility in developing your project, being able to customize it exactly the way you want, and planning. You get total control of the code, enabling and disabling libraries according to what you want, and fully supporting the theme. We strongly recommend hiring a professional website designer online, as you will get expert help, creative design, full-confidence, and so on. And remember that regardless of choice think mainly about your customers and their experience when accessing your website.

Get a logo

“Maybe I don’t even need a logo,” – a small voice is whispering in your ears. Do not listen to that voice. If you are serious about brand recognition, you must have an appropriate logo. If you don’t have a logo, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to make your Customized business website stands out in your audience’s mind.

  • Draws attention,
  • Make a striking first impression,
  • Visual = Memorable,
  • Separates you from the competition,
  • Nourishes brand loyalty.

Write Your Website Copy

Website copywriting is the technique of producing persuasive texts to involve the reader and awaken the interest in purchasing a product or service, thus increasing the conversion into sales of a company. However, there are some techniques that you need to be aware of:

  • Understand the product/service,
  • Know your consumer,
  • Survey with your customers,
  • Analyze customer responses and language,
  • Use the title to enter sales,
  • Emphasize features and benefits,
  • Use testimonials as social proof,
  • Talk more of the customers, less about your product,
  • Summon people,
  • Close the copy and call to action.

Install Google Analytics for better optimization

Google Analytics is a free tool to monitor users’ actions, which allows for better optimizations and performance. The platform has dozens of beneficial solutions for business website in general, applications, e-commerce, and blogs, such as real-time traffic analysis (Active users, Lifetime value, Cohort analysis, Market comparison, etc.). Some of the primary metrics are –

  • Real-time
  • Audience Analysis
  • Acquisition
  • Google Analytics acquisition
  • Behavior.

Plan your Marketing Strategy

A marketing plan is a management tool. You must use it properly, as it helps entrepreneurs adapt to constant market changes, identify trends, and create competitive advantages over competitors. The marketing plan for business website consists of three steps that will enable entrepreneurs to make safe decisions to achieve defined goals and objectives. At first, you must determine the method. Only after an environmental analysis, you can specify the target audience, market positioning, dreams and goals, brand, and marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy based on latest trends

The implementation is the stage in which you start executing the marketing strategies, which must ensure the company’s objectives and goals. Again you develop the action plan based on the specification of the activities. In the end, you need to organize an assessment to verify the actions following what you planned. Get advice from the best digital marketing company to set a marketing strategy that suits your business. Developing a website requires knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, SEO, and other expertise that only professionals can perform correctly. In addition, Customized business website meets the needs of those who need a more complex website, with personalized features and more resources.


Making a business website is not this world task, as many people think. Nowadays, some companies offer website building at affordable prices, besides domain and hosting services. These services are increasingly easy to use and with a quality that only improves. All of this contributes to facilitating the production of a website. However, you will not get all these facilities without a proper organization. The organization is everything, so plan the site well before getting your hands dirty. You will save time and gain efficiency, not to mention that your site will be much better and with a small number of errors.

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