How to generate inbound leads for business?

by Jerrin Zechariah 6 years ago
How to generate inbound leads for business?

You may receive at least one call a day from a telemarketer disrupting you while working on a serious matter. Most people find it annoying to be interrupted. This is why inbound marketing is necessary. Inbound marketing is a way of attracting prospects towards your company instead of you reaching out to the prospects.

A lead is a person who shows interest in your company’s product or service in any format. When a stranger starts the conversation with you, it is easier to convert that stranger into a customer.

There are different stages in converting a visitor to a lead.

  • First, a visitor gets to know your business through your website, blog or social media.
  • Once the visitor enters the page, there should be a Call to Action (button, message etc.) which will encourage the visitor to click on it.
  • Once he clicks, it should take him to a separate landing page or form where you can capture the lead details.
  • Once the visitor fills it out you have a got yourself a new lead.

Now there are several platforms which can be used to convert visitors to leads.

  • Google Ads & Organic SEO is one of the significant steps to create leads. While creating Ads, please make sure to include a Call to Action that can tempt the visitor to click on it.
  • Social Media Marketing. You can also promote your offers through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • Emails can be used to reach visitors that you have already been in touch with, and you will be able to direct your visitors to the landing page with a compelling Call to Action and design.
  • Blogs & Contents – Useful free information can attract more visitors, and you can guide the visitors to your landing page by incorporating Call to Action within the contents.

Every lead that is captured needs to be qualified. As mentioned previously, a lead is a visitor showing interest in your product/service. The level of interest can vary for each lead. Sometimes it could be a person looking for a job in your company. Otherwise, it might be a person looking just for a free service or offer. Hence it is necessary to analyse the leads and focus on the right ones.

The more you try and test the various steps and platforms, the more you will be able to improve the lead quality and overall revenue. Keep experimenting with the layout changes, UX, content and platforms as lead generation is a dynamic process.

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