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Images in brand image building and online branding

by Penta Tech Blogger 5 years ago

Content creation for digital marketing usually focus on the content writing part and most companies concentrate much on this factor. But it is miserable to notice that most of the firms ignore the prominence of visuals in digital marketing though they use them in multimedia ads. The simple reason why visuals matter in developing online brand reputation and promotion of business is simply the same as why Facebook and Instagram have more followers than blogger or WordPress. Well represented images connect with the public more than a well written article or a blog. Whether it is a yummy cake or an elegant furniture or a place of ecstatic beauty a picture would overcome even the best description. An eye-catching image would capture the better attention than any description, how crisp it is.

This is reason why the world of fashion and business would pay so much emphasis on glittering pictures and wondrous cinematography. The celebrities keep their fans and followers engaged with likes and comments on social media with fabulous images on a regular basis. The more the picture is attractive and unique the more it is likely to be shared which adds to the image of the celebrity or product. No explanation is required for the presence of a model for the endorsement of a brand whether it is an apartment or a washing soap. That is certainly the attention factor. Though the presence of models is not advisable for corporate ads, always an elegant visual content and design is recommended with any written content intended for promotion. In fact, the visual content is the key element in directing every class of customer towards the written content.

The text-based content is being gradually replaced with graphic interfaces everywhere. It is a proven fact that images inspire any decision making many times faster than a textual message. That is the reason why consumer products have attractive covers and wrappers these days. On the other hand, if the image is not that suitable or appealing it can invite great number of trolls. That is the reason why the celebrities are so keen on their appearance and selective about the pictures that are uploaded on their social media handles. The image and video content have become extremely important with the advent of social media marketing. Such a content would be more noticeable when shared via Facebook or Twitter which would boost the firm’s online presence and brand value through shares. It has also been proven that the click rate is higher on images than on text.

A written content could be developed by anyone in a company with a conventional language skill as well as the knowledge of the product, service or development. But for the best visual impact the firm needs creative designers which may not be available in every firm. Downloading an already existing image for a content is unethical and would invite copyright related issues. The best way to tackle this is to get support from an online marketing team with creative designers. Such a team can create the best promotion material for the firm since they are always updated with the latest trends. To sum up, images are vital in image building and designing the best content that brings visual impact is an irreplaceable strategy with regard to online branding.

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