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by Jithu Mathew 5 years ago

Nowadays email authentication is one of the important factors that determine your email is secured. For the security purpose of the email server all email service provider us email authentication.

Email authentication is a method for verifying an email id as valid or genuine email id. There are different kinds of email authentication used to authenticate an email id.

Before going to email authentication, we should know the importance of email authentication and how the invalid authentication affects our business.

Please find some points are given below regarding email authentication

. Email authentication verifies that email is from your valid or authorized sender.

. Email authentication help to receive the email in the inbox rather going to spam folder.

. To prevent spoofing or phishing email.

. Chance for email rejection will be less.

If the email is not authenticated the emails will be received in the spam/quarantine or will be bounced back. Now a day most of the people use email clients to access emails like outlook, Thunderbird etc. Depending on the email client add-ins or antivirus some email received in the spam folder in the webmail will not be downloaded outlook.

Depending on the spam or quarantine folder it is received the recovery of email differ. If the email is received in the spam folder in the webmail it should be moved manually to inbox to receive in inbox or outlook. If the email is directly received in the quarantine the email service provider or from the admin console the email should be released.

Email authentication is one of the important factors to increase the trustworthiness in receiving mail in the recipient email servers. Please find the below given most important email authentication standards





DKIM known as Domain Keys Identified Mail is an email authentication standard that uses public key encryption to verify email messages. When the recipient email server receives the DKIM signed message the public key in it is used to decrypt the signature. The recipient mail server then compares the incoming message using the same algorithm. If the comparison matches the decrypted signature, it is authenticated otherwise authentication failed. Changing the DKIM keys once a year is an effective way to increase the security of DKIM authentication.


SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is an email authentication system that allows sender domains which IP addresses are allowed to deliver email messages on behalf of that domain.


DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance) is the way to protect your mailbox or email server from phishing and spoofing attacks.

IF SPF or DKIM authenticates with an identity if the domain does not match the domain in the human-readable “From” address, the non-matching authentication. Passing SPF or DKIM may also cause DMARC failure due to misalignment.

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