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Improve Website Performance with Google Cloud CDN

by Nizam P 5 years ago

Website loading speed is one of the important factors in becoming your online business success. No One likes a slow loading website.

IT professionals and developers used various techniques to improve the website loading speed, but one of the effective and easiest ways is the Content Delivery Network(CDN). CDN minimize the distance between your server and the visitor and takes your website content from a cached copy stored in multiple geographical locations. That means CDN puts your website content in different locations at once and when a user tries to access the website then the content takes from the nearest cashed server of the visitor.

It is necessary to check the low latency of CDN while we are choosing it. Latency will be high if there are only a few numbers of cached servers/location present worldwide in a CDN service. This locations or server presence is known as the point of presence(POP) or edge location.

Let’s have a look at some of the CDN providers and their POP.

CDN Provider POP
Google Cloud CDN 100+
Cloudflare Premium 90
Amazon CloudFront 69
MaxCDN 56
Cachefly 40+
Incapsula 32

Google covers most of the locations with their cached servers. That ensures a better loading speed for our website because it actually loading from our nearest server. You will definitely experience a huge difference if you implement Google CDN on your website. To implement Google CDN, you need to have technical knowledge of Google cloud computing.

I ran a speed test with Google CDN and without Google CDN WordPress website.

Testing WordPress website without Google Cloud CDN

Website fully loaded in 6.973 Sec

Testing WordPress website with Google Cloud CDN

Website fully loaded in : 2.999 Sec

Google Cloud CDN made this website load faster. As Google having more POP than any other CDN providers we are recommending Google CDN for your website to get it loaded faster.

We Pentagon offers Google Cloud CDN service since last 5 years. Drop a message at Contact if you are planning to improve your website performance. We can assist you well. 🙂

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