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An Ideal Content Managements System

Joomla is an industry leading Content Management System that offers amazing customization while being totally open source and free. The open source nature of the system makes it simple for our expert developers to customise your website and/or CMS into a viewer friendly environment that perfectly supports all your business uses and goals.

Joomla’s top features include RSS streams, news updates, pools, blogging software, search functionalities and a world class CMS. This is just the tip of the ice berg, with 6,000+ plugins currently available to extend its functionality, Joomla can deliver on whatever you have in mind. Second only to WordPress, Joomla has been downloaded over 35 million times since 2013. A popular and well established platform, Joomla is a great choice for any business website.

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Why Joomla Content Management System Is The Best Choice For You

  • Ability to create complex feature rich websites
  • High class reporting options
  • Easy to customize to your exact business needs
  • Imparts a sense of professionalism to your brand with its own reputation for high end customers
  • User-friendly back end navigation for admins and staff
  • Simple maintenance
  • Fast and reliable system for uploading new pages and content

What We Can Offer You

At Pentagon we employ a variety of Joomla experts to help clients tailor Joomla to suit their exact business needs and structures. We are more than happy to help structure Joomla into a perfectly adjusted system for you. Whether you’re looking to transition your existing website to Joomla, create a brand new site, or improve your current Joomla site, we’ve got you covered. At Pentagon we provide budget and timeframe friendly help to turn your business and personal ideas into a reality.

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Our team of experienced web developers are just a phone call away. With over decades of experience in the industry, we can help you optimize your online business with useful insights and on point programming. To find out what we can do for you, give us a call or use the contact form available on this website.

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