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LoadBalanced, High Available and Scalable Hosting Solution

by Nizam P 4 years ago

Server uptime and website availability are important for every business. Server can have a downtime due to a number of reasons, hardware and network failure is the most common. Fortunately, we can prevent this downtime also with our high availability infrastructure adding redundancy to your hardware environment.

A high Availability (HA) infrastructure accomplishes backed by two or more servers with the data replication keeping them in sync and a DNS switching mechanism. In the event of a hardware or network failure the other server take over the requests and your server stay online with zero interruption.

  • High availability, by allowing for fail-over protection for the servers in a cluster. If one server goes down, other server take over the requests that the unavailable server was serving.
  • Our infrastructures is backed by two clusters configured for high availability. Incoming traffic is then balanced across your resources, making it easy to horizontally scale when needed.
  • Provides multi-server scalability, and High Availability for the entire web stack.
  • Fully automate DNS load balancing and Clustering.
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