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by Penta Tech Blogger 7 years ago

Over the course of Pentagon’s 18 years in the industry, one thing we have learnt from client’s past stories is that choosing local support when deciding on your web services provider is simply imperative. Here’s why.

There are two types of tech support services available. The first is the one that responds to your calls after you’ve been on hold for 20+ minutes, and then proceeds to inform you than they will need more time to find the appropriate person in their organisation for you to talk to about that particular issue. Cue three hours later, multiple phone calls, and a few emails, and your problem still isn’t fixed. Or if it is, you wonder if the fix was worth the time it took to do to. This sort of service can leave clients frustrated and wondering why they signed up with an overseas inexperienced company in the first place.

The second type of service is that provided by privately owned industry leading companies in their local environments. Companies like Pentagon. Our support teams are highly skilled and on call ready to help you with your business needs 24/7, 365 days a year. When you call you will be speaking with staff who are specialised in web technology and can help you with most of your queries on the spot. No long waits, no indeterminate answers. We pride ourselves on having customer service so good that you’ll feel like a partner to our business.

Being local to a number of countries and with offices around the world including in the UAE, we are able to provide on-site support and systems help for more complex issues or implementations. Alternatively, our online and phone support team is just as able to handle your needs.

So for support you can trust, sign up with us. We offer a great range of web services at affordable prices. There’s everything you need to get your business set up technologically, and amazing support to ensure it continues running smoothly in the future.

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