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Granite UAE Website Development by Pentagon

Pentagon’s latest creation- Granite UAE

Granite UAE

Pentagon’s latest creation- Granite UAE. This dynamic website is equipped with the latest technologies including Content Management System and Mobile Responsiveness, wherein the website can be viewed and will be compatible on all mobile devices. There is also an intranet portal feature for their employees.

About Granite UAE

Granite Construction Company was founded in 1971 with the entrepreneurial leadership and vision to establish a construction company committed to delivering quality to its clients. The company’s strategic planning skills, technical expertise, stringent quality management and HSE policies continuously ensure the achievement of this goal whilst at the same time ensuring that health, safety and environment are not being compromised.
Granite Construction Company’s biggest assets by far are its project managers who have been with the company and have grown along with the company for the past 25 to 30 years. The Company’s low turnover of staff in general and especially its key personnel contributes immensely to the smooth and efficient running of the company.

Please visit the Website @ www.graniteuae.com

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