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Christmas 2019

Winter brings a lot of things which we find hard to embrace. But with all the hassles of winter, it also brings along something we can embrace, The Celebrations! Soaking in the spirit of Christmas our team at Pentagon India office celebrated the festival with enthusiastic sports – Cricket, Football and entertainment programmes. On Friday, December 20th our Pentagon India team was in the joy of celebrating Christmas with various entertainment programmes which includes carol songs, dance performances and much more.

To inculcate the spirit of sharing, our team members exchanged gifts with their secret Santas. In addition to gift exchanges, they were asked to hunt their secret Santa’s based on certain hints provided. And the fun and enjoyment within were boundless. Christmas doesn’t tend to feel the same without Christmas Cake. Together we cut the cake and enjoyed the yummy tradition of peace and luck. Celebrations are on. And it’s not going to stop until the end of the year. In this complex world where work has become too mechanical, the celebrations are a stress-buster.


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