Our Project Map

Our Project Map

  • 1. RESEARCH:

    Research the behavioural patterns of your target audience on the web and the technological make up of your vision with a focus on your domain’s relation to your promotional stance.

  • 2. PLAN:

    Assess the research results to create a projected web development plan that meets all your online targets. This is a detailed schedule to help guide us throughout the development process.

  • 3. DESIGN:

    Lay-out a schema for your entire website including its interface, functional elements and base systems. In this phase we’ll ensure optimal user interface and user experience design standards are implemented.

  • 4. DEVELOP:

    Utilize our website design and web development skills to code your website. Our expert team uses the latest languages and HTML sources, as well as a range of other technologies.

  • 5. LAUNCH:

    Transfer you site to our secure world class servers and set your domain to point to the correct address. At this stage your website will be live on the internet.

  • 6. SEO:

    Modify your site to ensure your target audience is reached through popular search engines with our specialised search engine optimisation process. This is a crucial stage to generate traffic flow.


    Observe how your website is doing within its online area over a set period of time. We will measure it against some key performance indicators to ensure its ongoing success.

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