Meet Our Core Team

Rojo Jose, Director - Operations

Rojo Jose

Director - Operations
John W Varghese, Director - Marketing

John W Varghese

Director - Marketing
Shibu, Director - Engineering


Director - Engineering
Varun Venu, VP - Operations, USA

Varun Venu

VP - Operations, USA
Julie, VP - Finance


VP - Finance
Jacky Roy, Business Development Manager

Jacky Roy

Business Development Manager
Nisam P, Technology Manager | DevOps Engineer

Nisam P

Technology Manager | DevOps Engineer
Kiren Moncy, Technology Strategy Analyst

Kiren Moncy

Technology Strategy Analyst
Antonio Titsworth, Senior Account Manager

Antonio Titsworth

Senior Account Manager
Shiju Pasha KP, Senior Project Manager

Shiju Pasha KP

Senior Project Manager
Sajith Kumar, Senior Creative Analyst

Sajith Kumar

Senior Creative Analyst
Nivil VK, Digital Marketing Manager

Nivil VK

Digital Marketing Manager
Vishnu Prasad, Business Admin

Vishnu Prasad

Business Admin
Muhammed Safvan B, Creative Visualizer

Muhammed Safvan B

Creative Visualizer
Nabeel vayaran, PRO

Nabeel vayaran

Priya Tomy, Digital Marketing Analyst

Priya Tomy

Digital Marketing Analyst
Binoy V R, Senior Programmer

Binoy V R

Senior Programmer
Sanoop George, Senior Designer

Sanoop George

Senior Designer
Remya K K, Digital Marketing Analyst

Remya K K

Digital Marketing Analyst
Thasneem Anas, Digital Strategist

Thasneem Anas

Digital Strategist
Athira Yesodharan, Accounts & Admin

Athira Yesodharan

Accounts & Admin
Duraisakthi, I.T Support Engineer


I.T Support Engineer
Feesto Paul, I.T Support Engineer

Feesto Paul

I.T Support Engineer
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