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Rojo Jose, Director | Pentagon

Rojo Jose

Director - Operations
John W Varghese, Director | Pentagon USA

John W Varghese

Director - Marketing
Shibu, Business Development | Pentagon USA


Director - Engineering
Varun Venu, Development Manager | Pentagon USA

Varun Venu

VP - Operations, USA
Julie, VP - Business Development | Pentagon USA


VP - Finance
Jacky Roy, Business Development Manager | Pentagon UAE

Jacky Roy

Business Development Manager
Nisam P, Application Development Manager | Pentagon UAE

Nisam P

Technology Manager
Kiren Moncy, Technology Strategy Analyst | Pentagon UAE

Kiren Moncy

Technology Strategy Analyst
Divya, Human Resource Administrator | Pentagon UAE

Divya Shinoop

Human Resources Administrator
Antonio Titsworth, Senior Account Manager | Pentagon USA

Antonio Titsworth

Senior Account Manager
Shiju Pasha K P, IT Consultant | Pentagon UAE

Shiju Pasha KP

I.T Consultant
Sajith Kumar, Senior Creative Analyst | Pentagon UAE

Sajith Kumar

Senior Creative Analyst
Abdu Ravoof K K, Web/UI Architect | Pentagon UAE

Abdu Ravoof K K

Web/UI Architect
Libin Johnson, Creative Analyst | Pentagon UAE

Libin Johnson

Creative Analyst
Nivil V K, Digital Marketing Manager | Pentagon

Nivil VK

Digital Marketing Manager
Vishnu Prasad, Business Admin | Pentagon UAE

Vishnu Prasad

Business Admin
Faizal Ibnu Ali, IT Consultant | Pentagon UAE


I.T Consultant
Muhammed Safvan B, Creative Team Lead in Designing | Pentagon

Muhammed Safvan B

Creative Visualizer
Nabeel Vayaran, PRO | Pentagon

Nabeel vayaran

Priya Tomy, Digital Marketing Analyst | Pentagon

Priya Tomy

Digital Marketing Analyst
Shafeer N, IT Consultant | Pentagon

Shafeer N

I.T Consultant
Binoy V R, Senior Programmer | Pentagon USA

Binoy V R

Senior Programmer
Sanoop George, Senior Designer | Pentagon USA

Sanoop George

Senior Designer
Remya K K, Digital Marketing Analyst | Pentagon

Remya K K

Digital Marketing Analyst
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