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Pick the best background for your website

by Libin Johnson 5 years ago

A background image is the first and best impression for a website visitor. It will help to keep them browsing or closing the windows. The perfect image should take your audience’s attention and keep them interested to find out more about your business.

List of Possibilities for your background image

Connect with your audience
Find an image that is associated with your website to make the visitor feel something positive. If you create a travel website, use an image of a beautiful locations. An image that uses movement or fade can really make your background stand out. If one image is not enough, you can choose up to 10 or 15 images in a running slideshow.

Find high – quality images online
When we add Images in high resolution then it will make your website modern. There are lot of resources out there with free high-quality stock photos. Every image it’s a photo or logo will have an ideal format.

The perfect Sizing
Cropping or Sizing will make your website look more professional. Try to crop any unnecessary background space in the images. Choose the landscape images more than portrait. The minimum resolution on most computer screens is 1024×768 pixels, so we mention a background image of around 2000 pixels wide.

Solid Color Background
If you can’t find any good photos related to your business, then use the solid colors background to match your industry and the impression you want to create about your business.

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