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Handle Your Data With Penta File Manager

Penta File Manager is a great solution for handling and storing files between your internal personnel and end users. The system is world class in terms of both security and functionality and can be installed on your current web server. Penta File Manager will enable you to keep data in any format including images, audio, publishing layouts, presentations, PDFs and other more. It is the ideal solution to your data sharing and storage needs.

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Reasons To Choose Penta File Manager

Every company needs to distribute or share files with its clients, remote workers or within the company itself. For all such purposes, Being able to share files efficiently and smoothly between clients, off-site workers or internal staff is paramount to the success of a business. Penta File Manager enables your company to do just that. With a rapid setup time of only ten minutes, Penta File Manager makes sharing data easy. The system is compatible with and able to share all file types, meaning your employees can start sharing documents from anywhere on the globe, 24/7. The best part about it is the high class security and flexibility of settings, with individual user permissions allowing you to restrict or widen access of users to particular file locations.

It is a great all in one solution for file sharing.

Get on top of your business data management with Penta File Manager today!

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