Network Setup And Management

Pentagon has over 27 years of experience helping businesses utilize the benefits of technology to succeed. Our team of experts can help you setup your network with a variety of licenses using both Microsoft and Linux systems. The end result will be a system custom tailored to meet your needs and budget. Our wide range of high class hardware at industry leading prices will surprise you, and the ongoing support is highly valued by all our customers. Save yourself an expensive IT department and outsource you network setup and management to Pentagon today.

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Server Arrangements

Does your business run a large website or multiple sites? If so, a professional web server will help to improve the security, growth potential and loading speeds of your website(s). At Pentagon we provide managed web server facilities to many successful businesses globally. Our team of skilled technicians can increase your efficiency by acquiring, setting up and managing your server for you.

Network & Server Services Include:

  • Full software support for help with Windows, Office Suites etc.
  • Consistent equipment maintenance and restoration to keep your system tip top (excluded with any accounting related packages or software)
  • Help setting up new user accounts and groups
  • Comprehensive setup of work stations, printers, automated backups and monitoring.
  • Security systems implementation with operating system and antivirus updates included
  • Manufacturers specifications outline our preventative maintenance
  • Components to be replaced when required during the service period
  • Replacement parts only charged upon implementation and at a fair market price. These will be new or as-new items that Pentagon provides on an exchange system.
  • Professional analysis of network traffic and failure risks (includes checking of network cable layouts)
  • Expert support via our 24/7 phone lines
  • Guaranteed call response times to assure you peace of mind

To have absolute confidence that your business is safe from cyber threats, it is well worth getting your business’s digital security managed by experts. We have over 27 years of experience in cyber security, and are constantly keeping our team up to date on the latest developments within the industry. For protection you can trust, give Pentagon a call today.

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