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Today one of the largest hosting companies in the world, Penta Cloud was originally founded in 1996. Our privately held web hosting company spans the globe with offices in UAE, USA, Canada and India. Being privately held means we are in the unique position within the web hosting community of being able to focus on providing high quality features and services to our clients without the influence of venture capital return requirements.

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We treat our customers with the utmost in care and service, which is shown by our 80% referral rate. Given this incredible standing in the market, with loyal customers and a solid financial base, Penta Cloud is here to stay, offering you a reliable, long term solution to all your web hosting needs.

Our level of customer service is truly industry leading with fully trained Network Administrators ready to handle your phone inquiries. By providing you with experts we ensure you never have to suffer through a “help desk” type situation. Your answers will come quickly and accurately, with emails being responded to within a couple of hours instead of days. For peace of mind and a team that you can work with, Penta Cloud is the market leader.

We are so confident in our amazing customer service that it has become the basis for our relationships with clients. Instead of locking you into contracts, we’ll keep you on board with excellent service. To clarify: there are no contracts whatsoever on our standard shared and dedicated server accounts. So you can test us out without any downsides. With our excellent service record, we’re betting you’ll stay.

Penta Cloud is ready and waiting to provide you with all the features and help that you need to host your web facilities. Our world-class systems, solid foundation and team of expert network administrators means you can trust us both now and in the future to make your web hosting experience easy and hassle free.

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