by Faizal 5 years ago

Anti-malware tools are an important part of your computer’s security system. you should have installed and been running the most current version antivirus on your computer.

malware tools give you the ability to scan emails attachments before opening them.
once you open the attachment, your computer is at risk of becoming infected with malware. Another way ransomware can infect computers is through certain websites.

  • If you’re not sure about email attachment or link in email .block the sender and delete the email.
  • Checking that it is really an email that has been sent, and not clicking on the links to avoid falling victim to tricks that might result in infection.
  • the threat is detected and blocked timely manner so they can’t take advantage of the security flaw
  • Avoid downloading apps from unsecured sites and only install apps from trusted sources.
  • Don’t subscribe unsecured sites with your email account.
  • Add Antivirus add-ins in your third-party mail using the software.
  • When you are using Webmail enable the Antivirus extensions in the browser.
  • Enable automatic updates your operating system and applications.
  • You can often recognize a fake email and webpage because they have bad spelling, or just look letters. Look out for strange spellings of company names (like “Etisalat ” instead of “Etisalait”) or unusual spaces, symbols.
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