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Reason Why You Need Live Chat or Bot Chat on Your Website

by Nizam P 5 years ago

Reaching faster to a lead results in a good impression making new customers waiting around. This will make a big impact on converting a lead to customer. Live chat and Bot chat is the best solution for customer service. Live chat backend console comes with a mobile app so we will get a notification when a visitor comes in our website.

Also, the console comes with some intelligent functionality, such as link navigations, search keywords monitoring, etc so that we can easily understand the visitor’s potential. On the other hand, we have Bot chat facility which helps to predefine the answers for the probable questions from a visitor. Live chat is one of the best tools that most companies are using on their website because it helps real people to reach in a right place.

Nowadays nobody wants to send a support/enquiry email to their vendor and wait 48 hours to get a reply back. Just think about the difference of quick response and a 48-hour delay response. If we respond to an enquiry after 48 hours it’s probably they are not even thinking about your product or services anymore or they may get our competitor response before us.

Help customers even when you are not available

What we will do if you are not available while a visitor pinging you on your website live chat box?

Yes, Chatbot brings a solution for this.

We can predefine some answers of some frequently asked questions by a visitor. Now bots algorithms are smart enough to reply identical to the human being. This can reply correct answers on customer queries.

For example, if a visitor as for some of our product then the chat algorithm will fetch related content from the website and gives the finest answer to the visitor.

What is the best chatbot solution?

The answer is Google chatbot API. We pentagon provide custom chat bot integration on your website or web application. Google Chat Bot API uses an intelligent algorithm to play back to customer activity. A simple example is when a user visits a particular product or service then the Bot can assist the visitor to choose the right product from our product list turning their attention to the right product.

We pentagon provides Google chatbot integration as per customer script and storyboard. Our engineers are well trained in all kind of Google API functions and its integration.

Drop a message at Contact if you are planning to integrate Google Chat Bot on your website. We can assist you well. 🙂

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