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SEO Services – Journey of Improving Business ROI

by Priya Tomy 2 years ago

When it comes to SEO services, you must have heard this word many times. From a business organization to an individual artist, SEO has worked well. Is it just the search engine optimization (SEO) that you need to increase sales, or do you have other tactics too? Here we look at how SEO services have come a long way to help businesses rank well.

You are a blogger, an artist, a singer, or a business brand. Everyone wants to stay on top of the game amid the cutthroat competition. For this purpose, one requires better ranking, reaching the target audience, and improving the ROI. Here SEO makes it happen, as it has remained the kingpin of digital marketing.

The Journey Of SEO Services

It has been more than two decades; search engine optimization has evolved much. Look at the journey in the following sections.

The Millennium Era

It is the era of 2000, the dawn of the Millennium, and people still searched for several things online. That was the time of search engines like Lycos, AltaVista, etc. It was the era of slow dial-up connections, no broadband, and no 5G support.

Most often, the websites were easy to load as they have had basic information. Further, the people made use of SEO tactics that related to keywords. Keywords were stuffed into the web pages, and hidden so that they do not spam the visitors.

The Death Of SEO?

Welcome to 2000 when Google Adwords was launched, and it gave way to promotions by way of advertisements. It almost let the SEO service tactics fall, as the same process was organic and time dependant. Whereas, the paid reach was welcomed by many users worldwide.

However, Google made it clear that the Adwords platform is different. It will not let the SEO tactics fall off, instead, focus more on good SEO.

SEO Services A Decade Ago

Here come the Google Panda and Penguin updates that changed everything. It almost killed the link-building techniques, along with penalties to websites with irrelevant links. It was the time when Google introduced “no-follow” links to the world. Websites started using relevant links only without spamming others. That is the time of quality content that ranked well.

Age Of Mobile Responsiveness

Beyond 2013, the search engines got a revamp, and now they added a feature – “mobile-friendly”. Websites that were not mobile responsive were penalized. Here comes the user’s readability update that gives them the freedom to browse websites on any device. Meanwhile, this update also ensured that the websites ranked higher on the search engine result pages.

The semantic search

Keywords are no more stuffed into the web pages, as it may lead to spam. Instead, Google introduced a semantic search that showed results to the user based on the content. Many of the digital marketing agencies upgraded their techniques for SEO services. Internet users have become perceptive, and it led to more visitors, traffic, as well as conversions.

How SEO Services Have Evolved Over The Years?

Talking about the current trends of SEO – search engine optimization, it has changed from basic SEO to digital marketing. It is not just about how much traffic or ranking a website gets, however, the focus is customer engagement.

SEO service trends to dominate online business

Let us look at how search engine optimization has evolved.

Mind the content

It is time you focus on the quality content rather than putting it in quantity. Google recommends that the content should be relevant to the topic in discussion. Further, it should be free from plagiarism and errors. Secondly, the length does not matter, but the quality matters.

Mobile responsiveness

In the current era of Smartphone owners, no one tends to open a website just on a PC, laptop, or desktop. Instead, the mobile screen has become the talk of the town. From the state of the art, screens to improved web browsing, people have resorted to mobile searches. To make this happen SEO services focus on AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) along with responsiveness.

No more stuffing of keywords

In the early days of SEO, most people have had the habit of using exact fit keywords. Further, these keywords ended up being irrelevant, still were stuffed. However, now things have changed with Google’s updates. Keywords are nowadays used correctly without stuffing them for a website page. Professional SEO services make use of a correct number of keywords only.

Update in SEO techniques

When it comes to SEO techniques, they have changed to some extent. These are under the guidance of Google updates that control spam; ensure readability and promotions for better reach. Now the best part of SEO services is to deliver quality content with proper research.

seo services strategies to improve brand's reputation

Core vitals for SEO

Talking about the website ranking in Google, it is all because of the core vitals. Some parameters have to be taken into consideration – The website page load time, page stability, and interaction. The web vitals also ensure that your website presence is maintained. For this purpose, hiring a professional SEO expert is necessary.

Other factors that display how SEO has come a long way in the years are – the speed factor of a web page, making use of AI., the content remains the king.

Getting more business and increase ROI

When you want to discuss increasing or improving the ROI, SEO is an important factor. Just fetching more traffic to your website will not do any good. However, traffic is an important factor because it includes visitors to your website, blog, etc.

Further, the SEO services help in improving ROI; however, it is a slow process. You do not see immediate results with the SEO techniques; instead, it is seen as a long-term investment. In addition to this, with the help of Google Analytics, one can track the progress – the amount of traffic, awareness, and conversions.

Meanwhile, it purely depends on what kind of business you operate – a service agency, or a product shop.

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SEO ROI Statistics – By industry type and other factors

Look at the SEO ROI statistics for a 3 years period based on the different industry types. You can clearly see that financial services have the highest percentage of ROI at 1031%. That is a return in just 9 months period. Whereas, the lowest ROI is around 317% for the e-commerce industry.

SEO ROI statistics

Meanwhile, you can also get insights for SEO ROI based on SEO services – Technical SEO, Content Marketing campaigns, and Thought leadership. Technical SEO gave the quickest break-even to the businesses in just 6months. However, thoughtful leadership marketing gave benefit with the highest ROI at 748% in 9 months’ time.

SEO services insights
Insights for SEO ROI based on SEO services


There you are. You know that the internet is ever-changing with new technologies put in place. Here the SEO services form a crucial role as they can lead to positive results as expected. Further, with proper SEO techniques put in place, one can get quality content with relevant links. Do not forget the mobile responsiveness as it matters for website rankings. Update yourself, follow Google guidelines, and ensure a better online reputation for businesses.

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