Sharepoint Document Manager

Microsoft SharePoint Centralized Document Manager

When it comes to managing the documents, it can become a hectic process. Documentation is one such thing in business that several departments handle.

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It is not a thing a single person can control. You may have used several document managers to manage the same, but they are limited with features. However, when it comes to Microsoft SharePoint centralized document manager, the whole scenario changes.

Everybody is moving their work online, and nobody wants to clutter their workspace with files. Businesses get the job done in a fast and efficient manner. Thanks to the Microsoft SharePoint centralized document manager. With the unique features the DMS has got, your business will reap the benefits in the long run.

Meanwhile, during the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, everybody is working from home. The employees are unable to use the local intranet or file servers securely. Here, Microsoft SharePoint cloud solutions come for help being secure and can be accessed from anywhere.

Further, the cloud management system helps business departments to remain in sync. Here, the SharePoint DMS comes in handy to get the work done faster. There are millions of documents, and no one is going to handle them one by one.

SharePoint DMS – Take A Look At The Features

Your business is going to get a wonderful experience with these remarkable features.

Content & Workflow

Content Navigation

Document Libraries

Make Use of MS Word Online

Quality in Writing Matters a Lot

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Content & Workflow

Workflow is more of a route where the document will go to a person in the company. At the same time, content includes metadata information that is stored in the document library. SharePoint handles the documents easily so that the hierarchy in the organization can make use of them.

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Content Navigation

The point here is how the document is easily searchable by the users. They don’t want to waste time struggling for the information. SharePoint perfectly handles the content metadata navigation. A tree-like structure is presented to the users, which displays the content dynamically.

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Document Libraries

It is the best feature of Microsoft SharePoint DMS, where it stores your documents efficiently. People who have admin rights can easily access the library. They can add, modify or delete as per requirements, thereby reducing redundancies too.

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Make Use of MS Word Online

Businesses often focus on cloud-based documentation rather than installing software on their PCs. Employees are given access to Office 365 to create documentation using Word. SharePoint makes that documentation productive by making it more refined and professional.

Hybrid Email Hosting is the best solution when it comes to large number of users

Quality in Writing Matters a Lot

A business hires content writers to handle the blogs, articles that are helpful for marketing. However, they are not given the task of handling documentation or files. Microsoft SharePoint Document Manager helps the employees to respond with quality writing for the documents. It uses a neural writing technology that adds value to the work done.

Microsoft SharePoint Centralized Document Manager – Permission & Roles

Let us take a look at how the documents and files are handled in the library. We will share more about what the admin has access to along with other rights.
Admin Handles the Documents & Files

Talking about the admin or superuser, they have the right to handle the documents and files. They have access to the documents in the library and can download files too. Secondly, as per requirements, they can also add, modify or delete co-authors for a document. All of these can be managed using SharePoint’s admin role, co-author, or the user.

Creator Manages Redundant Document Links

As the documents in the SharePoint library are frequently updated or edited, some links are formed. If you are using Microsoft 365 service, you will be able to see those links. At times, these links become redundant, and nobody wants them to stay. Here, the creator has full rights to delete the links that have become obsolete or outdated.

Author Roles & Permissions

Being the author of a document in library, you can give access to others. You have complete control over whom to provide access to the files and folders. Meanwhile, when someone edits a file or folder in the document library, the author is notified. All the modifications are listed and shown to the author.
Besides this, if a person wants to access the document library but doesn’t get the perfect view, they can request the author. After that, the author will generate a custom view of the document library. Based on that view, the display is modified as preferred by others.

Restricting File Extensions

SharePoint Central Administration gives you the feature of restricting some file extensions from uploading. The admin can define the blocked file types using the security option. However, there is no functionality limiting specific file extensions. You will need to create a workflow that checks for every file extension. Manually add the file extension types into the workflow.

Add Links to Resources

When it comes to the resources stored outside the document library, it is advisable to add links to them. These resources are external to your library, for example, a website address or URL. Secondly, you can also add links to files and folders from a different document library. Once the hyperlinks are added to the items, they are displayed in the library. Further, everyone in the department can access them quickly as the external resources are linked.

Winding Up

There you have it! Microsoft SharePoint centralized document manager has got all the features your business needs. From security to storage, Easy collaboration to automation, it is the right choice. Opt for the service today and bring better innovations in your work culture.

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