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Some Web Design Trends for 2018

by Penta Blogger 5 years ago
Some Web Design Trends for 2018

There are many web design trends in 2018 which help you to a designer to produce better output compared to last years. Here we are listing a few of them. Hope this will help you guys.

Let us get started:

1. Generation of responsive web design

This is the generation of the mobile-friendly/responsive website. Using CSS media queries you can show the website in mobile just like a mobile application since there are major of internet users using the mobile it is a good practice to make the site mobile friendly.

2. Using backgrounds and patterns

Over the years, designers using more patterns into their projects. This is very fine and gives an elegant look to the website. Nowadays usually they prefer solid background colors which will give a rich feeling to the web page.

3. GIF and SVG animations

It is very clear that using SVG images will affect the quality of any website. It shows the better view without any blur and difficulties. It is a new kind of trend that we can see today’s websites is using best SVG with mind-blowing animation. Which gives more traffic to your website. GIF also very popular with beautiful transitions.

4. Typography

Using catchy fonts will be common criteria in today’s market. Also, it is very simple to use any fonts you like now. There are many websites on the internet major one is Google fonts, font squirrel, 101 fonts etc.

5. Usage of Task runners

A task runner helps you to concatenate files, spinning up development servers and compiling the code. The famous task runners are Grunt and Gulp.

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